Time To Be Thankful

by Neha Arora

MS_NArora_NovPicNovember: time to be thankful! Emory has been treating me well so far, and I have enjoyed meeting new people and learning in my classes, so thank you Emory! I am very lucky to be where I am right now. With all the support of my friends and family, I feel like I can accomplish all of my goals.

November for me is packed with many events, from a Diwali celebration to a chemistry exam. I am still on the pre-medical track and have been enjoying all of my science classes so far. I hope to further explore various areas of science next semester as well.

It is hard for me to believe that the next local program that I participated in is starting to gear up for 2019. It feels that I was named the DYW of Madison County just yesterday! Nevertheless, I am so excited for all of the girls who decide to participate not just in Madison County but across the country. Trust me, you all are making the right decision.

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