Impacting Young Women

We are thankful for all the sponsors that help support Distinguished Young Women and our mission to provide educational opportunities and personal development to young women across the country.

DYW offers several sponsorship options based on giving levels. If you are interested in becoming a DYW sponsor, please contact us.

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National Sponsors

Distinguished Young Women is grateful to the following sponsors who support the organization at a national level. Through their generous contribution, the National Headquarters is able to provide year round programming, scholarships and a two-week life-enhancing experience each June for the 50 outstanding state representatives.

States Club & Spirit Club

States Club and Spirit Club level donors contribute to sponsor a specific state’s Distinguished Young Woman. As a States Club or Spirit Club sponsor you or your company will receive a variety of benefits, spend time with a specific state’s Distinguished Young Women representative during the two weeks at National Finals and assist us in providing a transformative experience to young women across the country.


States Club Sponsors

AJM Foundation Board
Arlene Mitchell
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama
Captain Teresa E. Elders Foundation
Dee Gambill
Delaney Development
DYW Past Presidents
Forrest and Kathy Latta
Hearin-Chandler Foundation
Howard Wealth Management
Joy and Jimmy Grodnick
Judith Skelton
Maureen Sullivan Collins
Mark and Lisa Burnette
Mr. and Mrs. Norvelle Smith
Palmer Family Foundation
Pam and Cisco Codina
Pam and Eric Patterson
Phil and Elizabeth Kaiser
Valerie Austin
Victor Gaston

Spirit Club Sponsors

Hargrove Engineers + Constructors
Kendra and Michael Haskins
Pat and Kerry Hegwood

Annual Giving

List updated June 2022

*Year following name denotes Alumnae.


Club 100

Andrea Plummer Guardenier,
Kendra Haskins, 1991
in memory of Bruce Triftshauser
Rebecca Kujawa, 1993
Dr. Aimee Parker, 199
Pamela and Victor Renard
in honor of Nicole Renard, 2013

Director’s Circle

Gulf Supply Co., Inc.


Lisa Bukstein
in honor of Mitchell, Mallie, and Maury Kennedy
Pam Patterson


Lisa Lawley Burnette, 1987
Casey Stephens-Chudy, 1999
Lane Kofoed
Janetta Schmidt


Tracy Coffey, 1997
Jennifer Bernheim, 1997
Francisco Codina
John Forrest
Ashley Halfman Hopp, 1993
Kathryn Lowes
Eve Marie Lynch
Janet Mayo, 1973
Susan McConnell
Susan Parillo, 1984
Nancy Peloquin
Debbie Rice
Brandi Shepard, 1999
Rochelle Straffon, 1983
Kyle Tobin
John Tompane
Jane Wright, 1965


Amy Allen, 1984
Carrie Alling
Jessica Barrick
Charlene Berlowski
Darlene Betts
Donna Brock
Amy Caliboso, 1981
Katherine Codina
Matthew Compton
Kesshia Davis
Kris Denison
Allison Dierlam
Shannon Donivan Johns
Jane Evans
Mary Ann Fesenmeier
Dee Gambill
Spandan Goel
Marsha Grady
Joyce Hansen
Kimberly Hatfield
Barbara Herrera
Laurel Holley
Fernandez Hunter
Tracy Johnson
Janet Johnson
Susan Keith, 1969
Paul and Elaine Klotz
Debra Kluck
Sierra Knight, 2018
Leigh Knosher, 1981
Marie Lamberg, 1973
Gail M Leacy
Lisa Lesjak
Mirakle Cosmetics LLC
Irene Louh
Kate Montgomery
Lucy Moore, 1972
Mary B. Mostellar
Maire Nakada, 2015
Sarah Newton
Faye Olensky
Mary Opra
Dr. Aimee Parker, 1999
Tiana Pequette
Courtney Petty, 2007
Denise Principe
Arjun Raman
Kristen Richardson
Kaitlyn Ruch, 2022
Silverna Scott
Donna Shuman
Loretta Smith
Katelynn Socha, 2006
Emily Stroud, 1984
Jo Sullivan
DeAnne Taylor
Beth Thomas
Chuti Lynn Tiu
Savannah Tracy
Leigh Underhill
Halee Veltri
Lea Willingham
Sheryl Wilson
Lois Wims
Kim Yandow
Jenny Zheng