Sorority Life is What You Make of It

image_6483441by Peyton Wood


Going into college, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to rush or pledge to a sorority. I knew I wanted a community of women in some capacity, but I wasn’t sure if I fit in with the national sororities on campus. I went to mixers, I met and talked with girls, and I never really felt like I found a home yet. Additionally, as a Christian woman, I knew I wanted to find a Christian group on campus. I was prepared to jump in alone and figure it out when a new friend introduced me to Kappa Chi Alpha and I haven’t looked back.


I hope you don’t discount my account of sorority life simply because my sorority is an independent group as opposed to a national sorority. Kappa Chi Alpha is a wonderful Christian social-service sorority which brings together over 200 girls to serve our community at Baylor and in Waco, Texas while still hosting fun events like a traditional social sorority. The only big difference between KXA and national sororities is that it is a Christian organization with its own rush process. Instead of nerve-wracking interviews held by a few girls over the course of a week, our rush consisted of painting canvases together and just getting to know each other. It was super chill and I felt like I was in the right place.


I have learned so much from my sisters already. I know I have 60 other girls in my pledge class who are always there to pray for me and support me whenever I need it. I’ve learned that being in a sorority isn’t just about mixers and take-a-dates and formals, but about accountability, compassion, service, and community. My first experience with serving in KXA was at Trash-Off, which is where Kappa Chi’s spend a Sunday afternoon cleaning up the part of the highway that we “adopted.” Sounds glamourous, right? Not! But we were able to all come together and clean up two miles of trash and I felt so proud afterward! When you think of a sorority, you probably don’t think of 200 girls on a highway in orange vests, right? I didn’t either, but being part of KXA has already made such an impact on my life, and it’s only been a month!


One thing that I was told constantly by membership is that you get out of KXA what you put into it, and I think that applies to all sororities or anything you do. If I don’t go to meetings or participate in activities, KXA will be super boring for me, but if I audition for Sing, Baylor’s annual Broadway-style dance and song competition, and Steppin’ Out, Baylor’s biannual day of service, KXA can be my home. You could find your home in a sorority too, whether it be national or independent, as long as you are prepared to be involved and have the time of your life getting to know your new sisters!


Myth Busters time: Sorority edition!

Myth #1: You have to be rich to be in a sorority/All sorority girls have a lot of money.

Fact #1: When I hear this, I laugh a little bit. I have a scholarship through my sorority so that I can comfortably afford the dues. They are super willing to work with us on payment plans and I have never seen them turn someone down because they don’t have the money.


Myth #2: Being in a sorority is all about partying/meeting boys.

Fact #2: Very few of the girls I know that are in national sororities joined for those reasons. They all wanted a sisterhood. A family. They wanted to have a group of girls who would always have their back, not boyfriends.


Myth #3: Being in a sorority will make or break my college experience.

Fact #3: If you don’t think sorority life is for you, that’s great! If you have wanted to be a Tri Delt your whole life, that’s great too! And if you decide later on that you want to be in a sorority after passing up rush as a freshman, you can always rush later on! Sororities aren’t for everyone and you should never feel pressured to be a part of one if you don’t want to, but don’t let anyone tell you that you shouldn’t if you want to rush!

Peyton Wood, DYW of TX 2017

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