2020 State Representatives

Stephanie Temnyk


City: Denair

College Preference: Arizona State University

Career Goals: PhD in Biotechnology / Horticulture

Talent: Piano Performance (Cuentos del Matador, by EugĂ©nie Rocherolle)

Abigail Matthews


City: Cartersville

College Preference: Vanderbilt

Career Goals: OBGYN

Talent: Instrumental - Clarinet (Immer Kleiner (Always Smaller), by Adolf Schreiner)

Emily Kang


City: Long Grove

College Preference: Northwestern University

Career Goals: Computer Science

Talent: Chinese Cultural Dance (Spinning Flower, by Qiqi Liu)

Rachel Gross


City: Jackson

College Preference: Michigan State University

Career Goals: Speech Pathology

Talent: Jazz Dance (Respect, by Melanie Amaro)

Rebekah Williams


City: Purvis

College Preference: Mississippi State University

Career Goals: Aerospace Engineering

Talent: Musical Theater Dance (Come Fly With Me, by )

Elise Vahle


City: Grand Island

College Preference: Northwestern

Career Goals: Journalist

Talent: Vocal/Ukulele (Alterations, by Elise Vahle )

Aaliyah Smith


City: New Castle

College Preference: The University of Miami

Career Goals: Pharmaceutical Chemist

Talent: Lyrical dance presentation (Heal, by Tom Odell)

Mary Humphrey


City: McMinnville

College Preference: AL, Belmont, Boston Cons, Elon, Lee, OCU

Career Goals: Musical Theatre Dance and Education

Talent: Character Ballet En Pointe ("Ease On Down The Road & Home" mix, by from the Broadway Musical "The Wiz")

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