2021 State Representatives

Aris Zhu


City: Chandler

College Preference: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Career Goals: Professor

Talent: Piano (Tarantella, by Franz Liszt )

Kaylyn Cordrey


City: Millsboro

College Preference: Pittsburgh University

Career Goals: Physical therapist for national sports teams

Talent: Dance (Jazz Dance, by Cheryl Hickman)

Destiny Kluck


City: Kennesaw

College Preference: Emory University

Career Goals: Epidemiologist at the CDC

Talent: Ballet en Pointe (Primavera Portena, by Astor Piazzolla)

Cosette Wu


City: Honolulu

College Preference: Harvard College

Career Goals: Physician/Patient Advocate

Talent: Classical Piano (Sonata No. 7 in D Major, Op. 10, No. 3, by Beethoven)

Camille Neuder


City: Sandpoint

College Preference: Colorado School of Mines

Career Goals: Engineering Physics

Talent: Singing ("Never Alone", by Lady Antebellum)

Katherine Wu


City: Long Grove

College Preference: Yale University

Career Goals: Global health policy

Talent: Contemporary dance (Waves, by Artist: Dean Lewis Choreographer: me)

Anna Campbell


City: Hamlin

College Preference: Des Moines Area Community College

Career Goals: Career in Department of the Interior

Talent: French Horn Solo (Morceau de concert, Op. 94; excerpt from Mvt. 1, by Camille Saint-Saëns)

Eliana Rundus


City: Munden

College Preference: Undecided

Career Goals: Career in dance

Talent: Dance (The Call, by Eliana Rundus)

Chloe Smith


City: Pikesville

College Preference: University of Southern California

Career Goals: Dancer

Talent: Dance (Contemporary solo, by Kymber Piper)

Anjali Petrucci


City: Northville

College Preference: The University of Michigan

Career Goals: Biomedical Engineer with a minor in Business

Talent: Dance (Beautiful by Christina Aguilera, by Sonia & Anjali Petrucci)

Ashley Bassett


City: Madison

College Preference: Mississippi College

Career Goals: Pursue a career in the medical field

Talent: Piano (Whitewater Chopped Sticks, by Calvin Jones)

Jessica Brown


City: Bennington

College Preference: University of Nebraska Lincoln

Career Goals: Veterinarian or Radiologist

Talent: Lyrical dance (Love Myself, by Blake McGrath)

Sydney Lin


City: Las Vegas

College Preference: UC San Diego

Career Goals: Environmental Engineer

Talent: Vocal Performance (Think of Me, by Andrew Lloyd Webber)

Casey Chamberlin

New Hampshire

City: Pelham

College Preference: York College (PA) or Hood College (MD)

Career Goals: Forensic Chemist

Talent: Irish Dance (Roundtable Rival, by Lindsey Stirling)

Elizabeth Fellinger

New Jersey

City: Pennsville

College Preference: Virginia Tech

Career Goals: Broadcast Meteorologist

Talent: Vocal Performance  (L'ho perduta, me meschina from Le Nozze di Figaro, by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)


New Mexico

City: Texico

College Preference: Texas Tech, Texas A&M, University of Utah

Career Goals: Physical Therapy

Talent: Trampoline Gymnastics 

Wenting Yu

New York

City: New Rochelle

College Preference: Yale University

Career Goals: Psychiatrist

Talent: Taekwondo demonstration 

Micah Schlittenhardt

North Dakota

City: Bismarck

College Preference: University of Mary

Career Goals: Philosopher

Talent: Operatic Aria (Habanera, by Georges Bizet)

Lauren Hunter


City: Cleves

College Preference: Oklahoma City University

Career Goals: BFA in Dance Performance

Talent: Tap Dance (Call Me Maybe, by Sung by Postmodern Jukebox/Choreographed by Angela Kahle)

Caroline Orcutt


City: Tulsa

College Preference: US Air Force Academy, University of Oklahoma

Career Goals: Major in Biology or Kinesiology (Pre-Medicine)

Talent: Comedy Monologue (Musings from Quarantine, by Caroline Orcutt with inspiration from the public domain)

Sanya Surya


City: Beaverton

College Preference: Oregon State Univ, U of Oregon, or a BS/MD program

Career Goals: Medicine: OB/GYN or other surgical field

Talent: Bharatanatyam Fusion Dance (Dance to “Shape of You (Carnatic Mix)”, by IndianRaga)

Isabella DiPietrantonio


City: Beaver

College Preference: Pennsylvania State University

Career Goals: Therapist/Counselor

Talent: Vocal/Guitar Performance (My Dragonfly , by Isabella DiPietrantonio )

Ella Froedge

South Carolina

City: Pelzer

College Preference: University of South Carolina

Career Goals: Biomedical Engineer

Talent: Acrobatic Routine  (Greatest Showman Medley, by )

Ella Wittmuss

South Dakota

City: Vermillion

College Preference: University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Career Goals: Biological Sciences

Talent: Vocal/piano  (Rise Up, by Andra Day)

Alicia Zhang


City: Cottonwood Heights

College Preference: Yale University

Career Goals: Physician

Talent: Piano (Concerto In A Minor, by Edvard Grieg)

Kari Largent


City: Colfax

College Preference: Baylor University

Career Goals: Speech and Language Pathologist

Talent: Piano (All of Me, by Jon Schmidt)

Emmalee Skinner


City: Green River

College Preference: University of Wyoming

Career Goals: Dental Hygienist

Talent: Lyrical Dance (You Will Be Found, by Emmalee Skinner)

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