2022 State Representatives

Katelyn Cai



College Preference: Georgetown University

Career Goals: Public Servant/Legislator

Talent: Dance ("You Say", by Lauren Daigle)

Emily Lee


City: Azusa

College Preference: University of Washington

Career Goals: Neuroscience Researcher, Artist

Talent: Musical Theatre Performance (Live Out Loud from a Little Princess, by Brian Crawley and Andrew Lippa)

Madison Manning


City: Denver

College Preference: Undecided

Career Goals: Musical Theater, Screen Acting

Talent: Vocal, Musical Theatre (Simple Joys, by Pippin Musical)

Mikayla Dayton


City: Seaford

College Preference: Albright College / McDaniel College

Career Goals: High School Spanish Teacher in DE

Talent: Musical Instrument - Piano (Piano Sonata No. 14 (Moonlight Sonata), by Ludwig van Beethoven)

Mya Moffitt


City: Acworth

College Preference: Georgia Institute of Technology

Career Goals: Environmental Engineer

Talent: Dance – Contemporary (Never Enough (Piano), by Two Lanes)

Kenadee Kuhn


City: Idaho Falls

College Preference: BYU Provo

Career Goals: Elementary School Teacher

Talent: Piano (Etude Op.10 No.12, by Frederic Chopin)

Rosie Wang



College Preference: Stanford University

Career Goals: Entrepreneurship or Business Administration

Talent: Flute Performance 

Sarah Woodrum

Distinguished Young Woman of Kenton County

City: Villa Hills

College Preference: Tulane University

Career Goals: A career in the law field

Talent: Lyrical Dance  (Fight Song , by Rachel Platten )

Genevieve Batman


City: Cumberland

College Preference: Brigham Young University - Provo

Career Goals: Performing Arts Physical Therapist

Talent: Cello (Julie-o , by Mark Summers)

Sharanya Swaminathan


City: Oakland County, Troy

College Preference: University of Michigan

Career Goals: Business Administration & Public Policy

Talent: Dance  

Keerthana Ramanathan


City: Eden Prairie

College Preference: Northwestern University

Career Goals: Surgical Oncology

Talent: Classical Indian Dance (Alarippu (traditional), by )

Christina Danford


City: Hattiesburg

College Preference: United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD

Career Goals: Military Physician

Talent: Violin (Ladies in Lavender, by Nigel Hess)

Erin Schuette


City: Omaha

College Preference: University of Nebraska at Lincoln

Career Goals: Medicine

Talent: Jazz Dance (Say My Name by Bebe Rexha, by Choreography by Mary Lorraine Miller)

Paloma Del Valle

New Mexico

City: Santa Teresa

College Preference: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Career Goals: Geneticist

Talent: Singing (“No Me Queda Mas”, by Selena)

Jenna Scott


City: Pawnee

College Preference: Oklahoma City University

Career Goals: Actuary

Talent: Piano (Dance of the Wind, by Timothy Brown)

Zora Richardson


City: The Dalles

College Preference: Stanford, University of Portland

Career Goals: Drama Therapist

Talent: Monologue (Rosalind (As You Like It) , by William Shakespeare )

Maya Schiavone

Rhode Island

City: North Scituate

College Preference: University of New Hampshire

Career Goals: An occupation in healthcare

Talent: Singing (A Thousand Years , by Cristina Perri)

Mary Compton

South Carolina

City: Charleston

College Preference: Clemson University or Duke University

Career Goals: Lawyer or Psychologist

Talent: Music (Play Guitar and Sing, by Edith Piaf)

Mackenzie Brady

South Dakota

City: Vermillion

College Preference: University of South Dakota

Career Goals: Nursing Major

Talent: Singing (Head Above Water, by Avril Lavigne)

Amy Pham


City: Tullahoma

College Preference: University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Career Goals: Civil Attorney

Talent: Vietnamese Fan Dance (Water Lily, by Hans Zimmer)

Esther Roeber


City: Moses Lake

College Preference: Northwest University

Career Goals: Bachelor of Science In Nursing

Talent: Dancing (Le Jazz Hot, by Julie Andrews)

Cynthia Lu


City: Brookfield

College Preference: George Washington University

Career Goals: Attorney and Congresswoman

Talent: Piano (Polichinelle Op. 3 No.4, by Sergei Rachmaninoff)

Whitnee Hale


City: Afton

College Preference: undecided

Career Goals: undeclared

Talent: Singing (Don’t Rain on my Parade, by Bob Merrill)

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