2023 State Representatives

Carrington Hodge


City: Helena

College Preference: Duke University

Career Goals: Pediatric Neurosurgeon

Talent: Jazz Solo en Pointe (Blackbird, by Scarlett Walker)

Hiyun Lee


City: Chandler

College Preference:

Career Goals: Medical Advisor

Talent: Violin Performance (Concerto No. 3, by Saint-Saëns)

Campbell Yung


City: Little Rock

College Preference: University of Alabama

Career Goals: Dance Industry/Creative Media

Talent: Lyrical Dance (Never Enough, by Written by Justin Paul & Benj Pasek - Sung by Loren Allred)

Jina Kang


City: Los Angeles

College Preference:

Career Goals: Business Lawyer

Talent: Ballet (Variation from "La Esmeralda", by Cesare Pugni)

Evelyn Lee


City: Littleton

College Preference: Colorado Christian University

Career Goals: Nurse

Talent: Dance (Contemporary, by Evelyn lee)

Gianna Mennella


City: Sterling

College Preference: University of Alabama

Career Goals: Studio Art Photography

Talent: Martial Arts (Heartbreaker, by Pat Benatar)

Haley Cummins


City: Milton

College Preference:

Career Goals: Marine Sciences

Talent: Singing  (I'm Not Afriad, by Jason Robert Brown )

Graycen Nudd


City: Calhoun

College Preference: Vanderbilt University

Career Goals: Hospital Administration

Talent: Vocal and Violin Performance (“Yellow”, by Coldplay)

Erika Kwee


City: Honolulu

College Preference: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Career Goals: Mechanical Engineer, Ocean Engineer

Talent: Classical Violin (Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso, by Camille Saint-Saens)

Claire Neibaur


City: Paul

College Preference: Utah State University

Career Goals: Veterinarian

Talent: Contemporary Pointe Ballet (Ballet Dance, by Jennifer Sager)

Juliana Cogswell


City: Tinley Park

College Preference: Boston College

Career Goals: Nursing with focus on health equity and advocacy

Talent: Song and dance (New York, New York, by Liza Minnelli)

Alina Markutsya


City: Ames

College Preference: Undecided

Career Goals: International Relations

Talent: Hip-Hop Dance (Boss Ladies, by Dance Moms)

Claire Martin


City: Winchester

College Preference: University of Kentucky

Career Goals: Doctor

Talent: Piano (Etude no. 23 op. 25 no.11, by Frederic Chopin )

Emma Moreau


City: Poland

College Preference: Berklee College of Music

Career Goals: Accomplished musician or Actuarial Scientist

Talent: Singing (Rise Up, by Andra Day)

Faith Harrison


City: Upper Marlboro

College Preference:

Career Goals: Business- Major, Dance- Minor

Talent: Dance (Modern Dance, by Faith Harrison)

Sophie Pitts


City: Hattiesburg

College Preference: University of Mississippi

Career Goals: Physical Therapist or Physician Assistant

Talent: Lyrical Dance (Never Enough by Loren Allred, by Brittain Whitfield )

McKinley Murray


City: Corvallis

College Preference: University of AL / University of FL / PBAU

Career Goals: Commercial Pilot & Registered Nurse

Talent: Scientific Aviation Experiment (Take Fear Out of Turbulence, by Self Developed )

Delaney Knight


City: Omaha

College Preference: Undecided

Career Goals: Mechanical Engineer

Talent: Lyrical Dance (Vienna waits for you, by Billy Joel / Katie Siwa)

Kianna Harlow

New Hampshire

City: Bedford

College Preference: Sacred Heart, Worcester State, UCONN, Quinnipiac

Career Goals: Physical Therapist

Talent: Lyrical Dance (The Winner Takes It All, by Sarah Dawn Finer)

Makayla Zamora

New Mexico

City: Las Cruces

College Preference: University of Texas at Austin

Career Goals: Pharmacy

Talent: Band Dance Performance 

Kalyn Voightman

North Dakota

City: Casselton

College Preference: University of Minnesota Twin Cities

Career Goals: Psychology

Talent: Dance (Flowers, by Lauren Spencer-Smith)

Delaney Finsley


City: Columbiana

College Preference: Ohio State University

Career Goals: Elementary School Teacher

Talent: Tap Dance (Young and Crazy by Bruno Mars, by Delaney Finsley)

Ella Dierlam


City: Stillwater

College Preference: University of Alabama

Career Goals: FBI agent in the Cyber Security field

Talent: Science Demonstration (Background music Perfect Day, by )

Kiele Jarnagin


City: Keizer

College Preference: Western Oregon University

Career Goals: I would love to become a theatre teacher!

Talent: Monologue  (An Ideal Husband, by Oscar Wilde)

Ana Avdellas


City: Beaver

College Preference: NYU Tisch School of the Arts

Career Goals: Actress/Dancer

Talent: Contemporary Dance  (Lonely , by Noah Cyrus )

Makena Petsch

Rhode Island

City: Riverside

College Preference: University of Alabama

Career Goals: Teacher

Talent: Singing (The Cup Song, by Anna Kendrick)

Juliana Guest

South Carolina

City: North Augusta

College Preference: Clemson University

Career Goals: Trauma Surgeon

Talent: Viola Solo (Fight Song, by Rachel Platten)

Maggie Haimelin


City: Chattanooga

College Preference: University of Alabama

Career Goals: Speech pathologist

Talent: Dance (Lyrical- I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston, by Stacey Perkinson-Fairbanks)

Megan Tandar


City: Salt Lake City

College Preference: Yale University

Career Goals: Behavioral Health, Doctor

Talent: Piano (Chopin Ballade No. 3, by Frederic Chopin)

Olivia Ng


City: Colfax

College Preference: Washington State University

Career Goals: Real Estate Agent or Nurse

Talent: Piano (Interstellar, by Hans Zimmer)

Erin Hu


City: Brookfield

College Preference: Northwestern

Career Goals: Surgeon

Talent: Piano (Étude Op. 10, No. 12, by Frederic Chopin)

Ryann Lund


City: Freedom

College Preference: Utah State University

Career Goals: Radiology Technologist

Talent: Violin Solo (Melodie from Ofreo ed Euridice, by Gluck transcribed by Fritz Kreisler)

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