No Snoozing

by Abigail Kunz

IMG_6774The Freshman Secret to Success

Freshman year of college is all about new experiences: roommates, cooking, time management, and hard classes. It can seem overwhelming at times, but I’ve found that there are small things that make a huge difference in my day. However, out of all the lessons I’ve learned, here is my secret to Freshman Year Success:

Never snooze your morning alarm. Ever.

If you press snooze, you are choosing to let the day run you, instead of running the day. This is the first conscious decision you will make, and I think it says a lot about how productive you’ll be. Every DYW knows that one of the first rules to life is doing your best to be on time– it shows respect for others. I would submit that snoozing your alarm is being late for your day, and that is disrespectful to yourself.

In response, you might say, “But it’s so hard when you’re always out late in college!” I love a good dance party as much as the next gal, but I’m a firm believer that just because you don’t have a curfew anymore, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make it for yourself. One rule of thumb I developed is to never make a decision about what to do next at midnight. Plans made during the day are usually much more productive, safe, and fun! Think about it this way: are the hours you’re spending after midnight going to be more productive than what you would be doing during the hours when you’re sleeping in? Probably not, let’s be honest.

One of my favorite sayings is “Carpe Diem”, which translates from Latin to “Seize the day!” That’s my challenge to you! Set your favorite song as your alarm, and give yourself until the end of the chorus to turn it off, get out of bed, and get started with the best day ever.

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