My College Schedule

by Neha Arora

MS_NArora_FebPicAlthough having a long Christmas break was very nice, it was great to get back in the swing of things at Emory. This Spring semester has already brought me new friends, unique experiences, and of course more homework.

With new activities and projects being thrown my way, I have come to realize how important it is to be able to say “no.” In college, you realize how much free time you have since classes are not structured from 8am-3pm. You could have the opportunity to go eat out, see a movie, or study in the library.

I have found that I need down time in college to simply be by myself, or sometimes I have to study harder for an upcoming exam. Being able to pick and choose what activities you participate in is a vital skill. You may not be able to do everything, but engage in what is meaningful to you to make the most out of your college experience.


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