Jimmy Buffett's 'Buried Treasure' features AJM Participants from the 1960s!

buffett-buried-treasure-110817-10b016daeb9659caJimmy Buffett’s new album ‘Buried Treasure’ features AJM Participants singing along with him in the 1960’s! Read more from the press release and article linked below.

“The tale of ‘Buried Treasure, Volume One’ began when John and Martina McBride purchased a studio once owned by famed Nashville producer-songwriter Buzz Cason. Travis Turk, the studio’s longtime engineer and in-house producer, was brought in to oversee the move.”

“He soon uncovered a dusty cache of quarter-inch tapes containing original acoustic demos recorded by Buffett in the late 1960s and early 1970s as he embarked on (what) has proven to be a brilliant, internationally acclaimed career. Within the moldering boxes of tapes were 125 original Jimmy Buffett songs, written and recorded at Cason’s original Creative Workshop studio as publishing demos.”

“As if that weren’t remarkable enough, also among the long-forgotten stack of tapes were demos recorded in 1969 by Turk and Milton Brown at Product Sound Studio in Buffett’s hometown of Mobile, Ala., before he ventured off to Music City.”

The album includes originals and covers, including a rendition of “California Dreamin'” that was “recorded at a Mobile breakfast buffet celebrating America’s Junior Miss Pageant and featuring backing vocals from the Junior Miss contestants themselves,” the press release says.

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