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Before you apply, be aware that in order to qualify for or win any of the scholarships offered by Distinguished Young Women, you must participate in a program for your area. This could include attending a rehearsal(s) and being a part of an on-stage performance (dependent on Covid-19 guidelines in your area). After you apply, the program you would participate in first, which is determined by where you live, will be in touch with the details of participation for their program. Read the "What is Distinguished Young Women?" page to learn more before you apply.

To apply, complete the form below and click 'Submit’. Items in red are required. If you cannot complete a required field, please contact us for assistance.

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In addition to the following requirements, participants must compete in all of these categories: Scholastics (25%), Interview (25%), Talent (20%), Fitness (15%) and Self-Expression (15%).

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No matter what year you are currently in (freshman, sophomore, junior or senior) select the year you will graduate from the dropdown menu. To get this correct, finish this statement: "I am in the Class of ____." That’s your graduation year!

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