Annual Giving

Annual donors and alumnae giving play a vital role in the success of Distinguished Young Women. With these donations, we are able to provide scholarships and opportunities to thousands of young women across the nation each year.

*Year following name denotes Alumnae

Updated June 15, 2020


Club 100Club 100
Alumnae who invest
$1,000 or more.
Our goal is to
find 100 members.
Amanda Biles, 1995
Tim and Shigeko Bork
in honor of Skye Bork, 2017
Lori Jo Carbonneau, 1986
Nicole Chafitz Orr, 1991
Shalisha Francis-Feusner, 1995
Marsha Grady, 1982
Ashley Halfman Hopp, 1993
Kendra Haskins, 1991
in honor of Bruce Triftshauser
Leigh Knosher, 1981
Aimee Parker, 1999
Andrea Plummer Guardenier, 1996
Pamela and Victor Renard
in honor of Nicole Renard, 2013
Maureen Sullivan Collins, 1960
Director's CircleDirector's Circle
Trustmark Bank
Norman and Jacquie Ream
Dr. and Mrs. Larry J. Gessner
in honor of Lauren Gessner Walker,
Ohio 2008
Linda Delbridge, 1973
John Ferguson
Meredith Gaufin, 2010
Thomas Busch
Pamela Curtis, 1975
Carlo Joseph
in honor of Valerie Whitt
Dakota Kirk, 2019
Trina Koontz
Irene Louh, 1995
Susan McConnell
Jean Elizabeth Miles, 2013
Becky Jo Peterson, 1975
Katelynn Rei, 2006
Micah Schlittenhardt
Michael Teets
The Touchton Family
in memory of Larry David Michel
Julie Triftshauser
Carolyn Ward, 1965
Erin Wheeler
Less than $100
Dorcas Anderson
Amy Arness
in honor of Jacky Arness, ND 2011
Martha Bennett, 2016
Amy Clarke, 1990
Madison Dochety, 2019
Kendyl Druffel, 2017
Jessica Edwards, 2008
Allison Ely
in honor of Carolyn Cowart-Elsteroth
Megann Heath
Steven Hubb
Nivea Krishnan, 2020
Marie Lamberg, 1973
Catherine Liang, 2018
Kaila Mattson, 2007
Leigh Mello
Kelly Miller
Suzan Morgan
Aaryan Morrison, 2018
Maire Nakada, 2015
Natalie Orr, 2002
Naree Paik
Donna Pasley
Pam Repp
Heather Leigh Stanley
Sarah Sun, 2019
Michael Teets
Bragg Van Antwerp
Alita White, 2018
Tyrenda Williams-Reed, 1997
Mary Wolf, 2003
SpiritGrandparents ClubLucy B. Brady
Linda and Ted Burke
Paul and Terri Gray
Cindy and Jeff Larry
Mrs. John J. Leacy
Mary B. Mostellar


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