Be Your Best Self

The Be Your Best Self program allows Distinguished Young Women participants to reach out and encourage young people nationwide to make a commitment to being their best selves in areas such as: academics, physical fitness, morality, character, and social and civic participation. Embracing the BYBS message empowers young people with valuable tools to face the challenges of negative peer pressure. Drawing on their own personal experiences, Distinguished Young Women program participants deliver helpful messages emphasizing the importance of setting goals and striving to reach them.

5 Elements of the Be Your Best Self Program

  • Be Healthy – Care for your physical and mental health.
  • Be Involved – Serve your community.
  • Be Studious – Stay in school and be a lifelong learner.
  • Be Ambitious – Set and achieve goals.
  • Be Responsible – Live by moral and ethical principles.

National BYBS Week – April 17-21, 2023

Distinguished Young Women is excited to present the tenth annual National Be Your Best Self Week, a nationwide outreach effort by program participants to spread the Be Your Best Self message. Program participants at all levels are encouraged to teach and carry out the message throughout their communities through various projects and presentations.

Distinguished Outreach Award

For the ninth year, Distinguished Young Women will be awarding a scholarship to one young woman who presented the Be Your Best Self program during National BYBS Week.

Participation in National BYBS Week qualifies you to be considered for selection as the 2023 Distinguished Outreach Award recipient, a $1,000 scholarship opportunity that is available to you as a participant in any Distinguished Young Women program (local, at-large or state level, excluding state winners). Class of 2024 participants are able to participate now for the following year. 

Details for the 2023 award guidelines are available HERE in the 2023 BYBS Participant Handbook. This does not include the Be Your Best Satellite Award, which is available to State Representatives and has been sent separately.

For more information on National BYBS Week, please contact or call 251-438-3621.

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