2020 Satellite Awards

On Thursday, June 25, 2020, during the First Preliminary night of the 63rd Distinguished Young Women National Finals Broadcast, our first round of scholarships were awarded! See below for the full list of Satellite Awards which were presented:

Amy Osmond Cook Has Been Award Class of 2019 – $2,000:
Hanna Pohlmann, NE 2019

Class of 2019 Distinguished Vlogger Award – $500:
Rachel Brady, SD 2019

Dr. Richard B. Rogers Science Scholarship – $1,500:
Grace Knolinski, IN

The Shoppes at Bel Air Community Service Award – $1,000: 
Grace Knolinski, IN

Wintzell’s My Town Award in Honor of Reggie Copeland – $1,000:
Sophia Nicolosi, LA

National Panhellenic Conference/NPC Foundation Award – State Representative – $1,000:
Liza Cotter, NY

National Panhellenic Conference/NPC Foundation Award – Participant – $1,000:
Anita Liu, Cypress, CA

Arlene Mitchell Distinguished Service Award – $1,000 each:
Josette Huang, HI
Maria Fields, MI

Tell Me a Story Award by Maureen Sullivan Collins – $2,500 each:
Charlotte Domittner, CT
Emma Phillips, NV

Chick-Fil-A Be Your Best Self Award in honor of Reggie Copeland – $1,000 each:
Megan Chang, MD
Gracie Beth Scrushy, TX

Distinguished Outreach Award – $500:
Emily Douthitt, Nelson County, KY


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