Write It Down

By Kinsey Crow
Distinguished Young Woman of Ohio for 2011

Hi ladies!

I’m about to expose my inner dork and talk to you about how great journaling is.  I’ve never been a huge writer, but there are so many benefits to keeping a journal.

Here are my top five:

1.    Journaling is a great way to improve your handwriting!  Seriously though, that’s one of the reasons why I love journaling because it’s fun to use a nice pen and pretty paper and write in cursive.

2.    Journaling helps to organize your thoughts.  Sometimes, I’ll have random revelations throughout the day and I love being able to put them down on paper and help analyze what I’m thinking.

3.    I like journaling because it illustrates the growth I’ve experienced over the years.  Reading my journals from elementary school is absolutely hysterical! I used code names for people whom I was mad at so that if they ever discovered my diary, they wouldn’t know I was talking about them.  But journaling is a good way to see the progression of your maturity.

4.    Journaling is great for emotional health!  It’s definitely a release to write about your frustrations and lessons you have learned.

5.    Journaling can get you ready for your participation in the Distinguished Young Women program some day!  Writing throughout your week(s) during the competition is a great way to be able to absorb your experiences.

I hope I’ve inspired you to head to Barnes & Noble and buy a pretty notebook and start journaling your thoughts!

Lots of love,


Kinsey Crow is a college freshman at Auburn University in Auburn, Alabama majoring in Nursing. Originally from Mount Vernon, Ohio, Kinsey was a participant in the Distinguished Young Women program and was selected as the Distinguished Young Woman of Ohio for 2011. Learn more about Kinsey here!

  • Abbey

    08th May 2012 at 17:42

    Kinsey, I totally agree!!! I started journaling the summer I participated in the AJM/DYW program as a part of my quiet time with the Lord. It is so cool to be able to look back now on my experience in Mobile as well as my thoughts on everything that has happened since! It’s a great way to track your personal history!!

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