Why Goodbyes Are the Worst: A Farewell Blog Post

By Whitney Eversole
Distinguished Young Woman of Utah for 2015

The word “goodbye” is by far my least favorite term in the entire English language.

Really, think about it. There is never a happy moment in which you are saying goodbye to someone. Goodbyes can range from bittersweet to downright heart-wrenching. In my perfect universe, the concept of goodbyes would not exist, and we could all happily move on with our lives without any formal partings. But alas, that is not the world we live in.

Goodbyes are something we all have to face at one point or another—it’s just how the real world works. In my opinion, I have had to say goodbye WAY too many times in my short 18 years.

I said goodbye to everyone and everything I knew at least 10 times during my childhood as my military family moved around. I said goodbye to my dad countless times for the three month periods when he was out at sea on his nuclear submarine. I said goodbye to my one and only childhood pet when she got hit by a car a few years ago. I said goodbye to my beloved high school and the world as I knew it just one short year ago. A few months later I said goodbye to my childhood as I hugged my mom goodbye, and closed my dorm room door behind her on her way out.

Goodbyes are AWFUL!

The worst part about goodbyes is they never live up to your expectations. You drive over to your best friend’s house to say goodbye before you both move to college, and you hug and cry, and then you leave, feeling empty and sad and like you left so many things unsaid. When I was little, I always wished that instead of a formal goodbye, I could just slip away, leaving people to wonder what became of me, but sparing everyone the heartache that goodbye always brings.

Despite the sadness of goodbye, there is one thing that brings me hope.

I am a firm believer that no goodbye is ever permanent. Growing up, moving on, and even death—nothing can permanently separate us from the people we love.

This blog post marks my official farewell to Distinguished Young Women. Of course, saying goodbye to something so influential and important is never easy. It has been an experience two years running, and has changed the very fabric of who I am. I have gained a total of 109 DYW sisters, including locals, state, and nationals. I have met women who I aspire to be like, and some that I, well, don’t. It was hard and scary and was the cause of many tears, but was an overwhelmingly positive experience that forced me to grow like crazy. Once this post is submitted, I no longer have any responsibilities or involvement with the program. For now.

Like I said, I’m a firm believer that no goodbye is permanent. For the time being, I have to say goodbye to DYW. But I have a forever love for this program that won’t soon go away.

I’ll be back.

XO, Utah

Whitney Eversole is a college freshman at Utah State University in Logan, Utah. Whitney was a participant in the Distinguished Young Women program and was selected as the Distinguished Young Woman of Utah  for 2015. Learn more about Whitney here!



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