To Succeed In College...

by Cheyenne Mathews

16825803_10154492850032956_386848806217485905_oIf you want to succeed in college you need to join extracurricular activities. In my first semester alone, I learned how important the DYW principle of Be Involved is to my academic success. Your first year of college will present unique challenges no matter how smart, friendly or talented you are, and it’s always good to have a community of people who are there for you when those challenges arise. Some of those challenges prompted me to join a sorority on my campus, Alpha Sigma Alpha.

Two weeks ago, I decided to attend a spring recruitment meeting. My first semester of college forced me to realize how important it is to be involved and to feel like an active participant in your university community. During fall semester, I didn’t realize the importance of participation in college organizations, but for spring semester I went looking for ways to participate. I went to ASA looking for a way to be involved and for a community, and in just two weeks, I feel like I’ve found one of the best groups of people on campus. One of the biggest take-aways I have from this experience is to never be afraid of going out of your comfort zone and reaching out to others. One quote that was repeated over and over during ASA spring recruitment was, “You get what you put in,” and that internal motto is true of most things. You get from college what you put in. If you work hard, you will most likely get good grades. That being said, college isn’t just an academic experience but a social one. In college you first learn how to be on your own, how to do for yourself what others once did, and how to be accountable in your new relationships.

The open motto for Alpha Sigma Alpha is Aspire Seek Attain. To me, those words are a daily anthem, a checklist to becoming the best me I can be. While the ASA motto is important to my individual growth, I have to remember that growth is not just done by an individual but done within a group. You’ve probably heard that it takes a village to raise a child, but it really does take a large community of caring individuals to become the best you, you can be. If you are looking at colleges right now, or perhaps already attending one, just remember that you get out of college what you put in. It’s always beneficial to be involved, and it’s never too late to Aspire, Seek, or Attain. Joining a sorority may be one way to get involved, but even if sororities don’t interest you, you should still keep your eye out of that special organization with people interested in the same things you are. It may be the theatre club, the engineering club, or a Greek life organization. Whatever it is, find a way to involve yourself in it, because you’ll find that you get from college what you put it.

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