The Good Music Club

By Kaylyn Taylor

Distinguished Young Woman of Nevada for 2015

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Happy February to all of my amazing, distinguished friends! I saw this meme on the Internet today and I thought it was so sadly accurate that I thought I would share….

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This new semester has been one of the greatest things I have ever done. I just started my major in Vocal Performance, where I get to sing opera all day long and it is so much fun! Being a music major for only a month, I have learned three things.kaylyn february3

  1. Music majors do not have any free time. Goodbye social life, hello small practice rooms!
  1. Music majors do not eat. You better not forget your snacks because you do not want to be hangry for the whole day. A happy major is not a hungry major.
  1. I absolutely love music so much. I have been learning so much about music theory, pronunciation, languages, and technique and so much more. I love what I do. My wonderful acting coach Rhonda Carlson (as shown below) has the best quote that I live by every day.

“Nothing is worse than being good at something you hate” – Rhonda Carlson

So being involved in music all day every day has made me think about music more deeply in general. And as I was listening to the radio I was in shock to think that there is no more good music.

I caught myself asking the questions like, “Why am I listening to this? I don’t drink. I don’t go partying. I don’t smoke”.

So I went on the search for music that I could relate to.

Here are some of the top ten songs I have been choosing to listen to so I can be in a good mood, not worry about following the crowd, and dance out my problems.

1. “Pretty Brown Eyes” by Cody Simpson

And while this is about a girl with pretty brown eyes, anyone with different colored eyes can party to this song. It always puts me in a good mood.

2. “Shiver Shiver” by Walk The Moon

This is an old song by Walk The Moon but I still feel like smiling when it comes on my iPod. Whether you sing it about Harry Styles or the boy you like, it’s fun.

3. “Here’s To The Zeros” by Marianas Trench

The lyrics in the song just make you want to dance. I feel like there needs to be a song for the “zeros”. I was never considered “popular” but I didn’t mind being a “zero”. This song reminds you that you really are not a “zero”. Anyone who says that is dead wrong. GO YOU!

4. “Hide Away” by Daya

There is nothing like stupid boys and girls (yes, girls can be dumb too) making you feel like there is no hope in the world. Good boys are hard to find, but they are there! You just have to be in the right place to meet them. Sometimes boys are shy and girls have to make the first move. What an awesome time it is to be a woman. Lets use it to our advantage, girls!!

5. “Billion” by Mat Kearney

Mat Kearney has a new album out and all of the songs are so amazing, but this one makes me so happy. Once the chorus hits you, you just want to dance. Whether this is about a significant other or a best friend, it describes the feelings about those loved ones perfectly!

6. “Roots” by Imagine Dragons

This is the song I listen to at the gym on repeat and it is the best. Every time I listen to the words I think of another way to think about things in my own life. I finally found my “roots” and I am so happy studying music. I also screw up a lot, nobody is perfect, but there is always a way to make things right. Thanks Imagine Dragons, you guys rock.

7. “Eyes Shut” by Years and Years

This song is pretty slow, but when I listen to it, I cannot help but sing. Sometimes when I am upset I will listen to songs like “It’s Alright, It’s OK” by Ashley Tisdale but this one helps me not be angry but it gets the same point across. Who wants to be mad anyways? Pull yourself together and get over it.

8. “How You Get The Girl” by Taylor Swift

This is definitely the song I listen to in my room and have a dance party for one. NO SHAME. It is so much fun to dance out your problems and feel so much better afterwards. Thanks Taylor Swift for solving all of my girl problem needs!

9. “You and Your Crown” by Matthew Mole

This song is my laundry song, but it is so cute that I can’t help but smile when listening to it. It makes laundry more fun to do anyways. The twinkling in the song is my favorite part, and if I miss it, I have to listen to the whole song all over again just to hear that part!

10. “Weekend” by Priory

I love this song so much that I had to make my own private rule to listen to it on the weekends. Nothing like a hard long week and driving home with a party in the car. People at red lights be judging, but I am singing loud and proud.

The whole point of this was asking all of my distinguished ladies to join the GOOD MUSIC CLUB.

I think that music is such an important part of life and it really does affect who we are, what we say, and what we do. There is a quote that I love right now and it says:

“Good people bring out the good in people”

And while this quote is still true, I think that

“GOOD MUSIC brings out the GOOD IN PEOPLE”

I love you guys so much. Have a fabulous day!


Kaylyn Taylor is a college freshman at Utah State University in Logan, Utah. Kaylyn was a participant in the Distinguished Young Women program and was selected as the Distinguished Young Woman of Nevada for 2015. Learn more about Kaylyn here!

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