The Body Peace Project


By Hannah Roberts
Distinguished Young Woman of Mississippi for 2011

So… It’s summer again!!! School is out and it’s time to sleep in late, go on vacation, and soak up the sun!  But, with the wonderful summer season also comes the either dreaded or loved bikini season.  Whether you love or hate the summer, the season causes nearly everyone to think of body issues and self-esteem issues.  While I have never really had a problem with being overweight, I’ve often been called too skinny or underweight and I often find myself worrying over getting my body “swimsuit-ready.”  I recently went on a day-trip to the beach with my family, and like every beach-visiting-girl I had a stack of magazines ready for the day.  While I was reading the magazine Seventeen I came across an article entitled “Body Peace.”  This magazine has created a new type of forum on its website called the “Body Peace Project” where girls can go to blog about becoming satisfied with their body, whatever shape or size.  There is also a page to sign an actual treaty to be at peace with your body.  I went online and read some of the blogs other girls had written about their personal struggles with body peace and viewed the treaty as well.  Many celebrities such as Katy Perry and Whitney Port have signed the treaty as well and have also shared their personal struggles. 

And here’s the link…

We are all aware of the fact that the media, especially many teen magazines, push the idea of being super skinny and in turn create the desire for girls to look like the airbrushed and photo-shopped pictures seen in these magazines.  I am so delighted that Seventeen seems to have realized this and has created an outlet for girls to vent about the issue.  Check out the website for yourself; even sign the body peace treaty.  Whether you see yourself as overweight OR underweight, you are perfect just the way you are—it’s time to make peace.

Hannah Roberts is a college freshman at the University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg, Mississippi majoring in Biochemistry with a Pre-medical emphasis. Originally from Mount Olive, Mississippi, Hannah was a participant in the Distinguished Young Women program and was selected as the Distinguished Young Woman of Mississippi for 2011. Learn more about Hannah here!

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