The Big Sister I Always Wanted... And Finally Got!

by Kyla Hull

Kyla January PostI was the first born in my family, the “mom” of all my friends, and the one that all of the little girls at the dance studio looked up to. I had always been a leader, head strong, reliable, caring, protective, and loving, so it just felt right that I was everyone’s “older sister”. I loved being the one that people turned to when they needed advice or a smiling, supportive face. I gave myself completely and whole heartedly to others and felt confident that I could handle all of the things in my life on my own. In fact, I knew that I had to since I didn’t have a big sister. I always dreamed of having one and envied others that did. I felt that there was something so pure and special about that kind of bond, which is why I tried so hard to help everyone experience it, including myself. I truly believed that one of the reasons God placed me on this Earth was to serve as a role model for others, and I still do. But He hears the prayers of all His children and knew that I needed someone to watch over and guide me, especially during the huge transition period in my life that would be college.


Last year, when I came to audition for George Mason University’s dance program, I met a girl named Ariana. She went up to my adorable, anxious parents while I was in the audition and immediately clicked with them. When I came out, they introduced me to her and I knew she was special from the start. The same day after I left, she texted me saying how precious I was, how it was so nice to meet me, to let her know how all of my other auditions went, and to keep in touch. All this from a girl who had just met me and didn’t even know if she would ever see me again. I was in disbelief. Little did I know however, that she had already claimed me as hers!


We stayed in contact with each other over the months and in April, we saw each other again in person when I came for one last visit to the school. She was the first person to know that I had chosen Mason as my home for the next four years. Right before coming to school in the fall, I found out that she was going to be my “mentor” in the dance program. I could not have been more excited or blessed to call her mine, and I was made well aware that the feeling was mutual. How amazing it was to know at least one kind, cheerful face as I walked in, incredibly nervous on my first day of class.


Now I can’t imagine my life without my “big sister”. She is the one I look most forward to seeing and giving a squeeze each morning! Whether I have a question, need advice, a shoulder to cry on, or a laugh, I know I can turn to Ari! She is the hardest working person that I know, with so much ambition and a heart of gold. Truly a distinguished young woman. I aspire to be half the phenomenal lady and inspiration that she is to me one day.


Ari, it’s been a little over a year now since you claimed me as yours and my life couldn’t be more perfect! I can’t thank God enough for crossing our paths on November 14th, 2015. Thank you, sis, for grabbing hold of me and never letting go, for steering me right, and for promising to keep me forever. You are one of the greatest blessings that I have ever received! “I love you more” (I think I win this time)!

XOXO, Kyla

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