The 5 Love Languages

By Brittany Churchill
Distinguished Young Woman of Massachusetts for 2013
In this month dedicated to the celebration of love, I’m reminded of the 5 love languages. If you’ve never heard of them, now is the time to gain knowledge that is guaranteed help your relationships. This wisdom has changed my life.
No this is not a boyfriend quiz.
This is about the way you communicate with friends, family members, classmates, co-workers, and anyone else! Following is a brief overview of the various Love Language categories.
Receiving gifts:
 – These people express their love for others through the purchase of physical belongings
 – They feel most loved when gifts are showered upon them 
    (Not necessarily spending a lot of money, gestures of presents fulfills them)
Quality Time:
 – These individuals express their love for others by spending time together
 – They feel most loved when others make time for them
    (Tagging along for errands, making a coffee date, or a phone call can mean the world)
Acts of Service:
– These folks express their love for others in little acts of kindness
– They feel loved when others perform favors for them
   (Helping with homework, chores, or errands lightens their load)
Physical Touch:
– These people express their love for others with physical acts
– They feel loved when others become close to them with that same presence
   (Pats on the back, hugs, or sitting close to this person makes them glow)
Words of Affirmation:
– These individuals express love through the written or spoken word
– They feel loved when others shower compliments upon them
   (Thank you notes, letters, and stating praises aloud makes the heart sing)
My mother informed me years ago that she knew my love language was Physical Touch from the time I was a baby. I would cuddle up and snuggle with her all through my childhood. Today I am an extremely huggy person, and I subconsciously sit closely next to others. I thoroughly enjoy back massages. When comforting others I naturally, instinctively, unintentionally touch them.
My sister on the other hand, rarely hugs and would prefer to counsel someone in need. She also feels most loved when people comment on her outfit, hair, or makeup; or praise her grades or achievements. She also greatly appreciates when others will assist her with homework, or project, or a chore. Her love language is a combination Words of Affirmation and Acts of Service.
After learning about these differences, our bond has grown. While I used to consistently be rejected when I offered her a hug after she had a bad day, now I offer to proof read an essay or make her soup. Before, I was showing her with love the way I would want to receive it- physically. But she accepts love better in a different form. We have even found a balance- she adores back massages! So I can express my love physically in a way she’ll receive it and feel loved.
This applies to many relationships with my family and friends. I enjoy learning about personality tests like these and applying it to my life. Take the quiz and see what you discover!
Learn more about the Five Love Languages at this website:

Brittany Churchill is a college freshman at Bridgewater State University in Bridgewater, Massachusetts majoring in Psychology and minoring in Music. Originally from West Bridgewater, Massachusetts, Brittany was a participant in the Distinguished Young Women program and was selected as the Distinguished Young Woman of Massachusetts for 2013. Learn more about Brittany here!

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