Sweep Streets

By Brittany Churchill
Distinguished Young Woman of Massachusetts for 2013
Sweep Streets. These two words are now of the most empowering pair in my vocabulary.
As the Secretary of the Student Government Association for Bridgewater State University, I had the opportunity to assist in bringing motivational speakers on campus. We chose Martin Luther King III to address our students. As Martin Luther King Jr.’s son, he naturally spoke about freedom and equality and respect. However, it was his touch upon “Be Your Best Self” I wasn’t expecting. No, Martin Luther King III didn’t make specific reference to Distinguished Young Women. He did, however, provide words of wisdom that sum up our Be Your Best Self program. He said no matter what your profession or talents or strengths, you should put your heart and soul into what God gave you. If you are a street sweeper, sweep those streets so every passerby will stop and appreciate the beauty of your craft. Be the best street sweeper this world has ever known.

Sweep streets like Michelangelo painted pictures.
Sweep streets like Beethoven composed music.
Sweep streets like Shakespeare wrote poetry.
Whatever you do, sweep streets, because the world needs you! People often spend so much time wishing they were a rose, that they fail to admire their own daisy petals. There is unique beauty, strength, and talent in all of us. Embrace your power and serve your purpose in the world! 
I feel the worst attitude crippling society is this haunting phrase, “I’m just one person. I can’t make a difference.” It is so easy to let this thought get us down. It is also an easy way to cop out of trying to change the world. I believe the world can be changed one small act of kindness at a time. If you are simply your best self, you have no idea what chain reaction you could ignite. Whether that is volunteering in a soup kitchen, giving a motivational graduation speech, offering a hug, or setting an example- you have power. Leave this world a little better than it was when you entered.

One of my favorite teachers opened our first class with these words, “Because you are here, the universe is forever changed.” Believe it. Sweep streets…
Brittany Churchill is a college freshman at Bridgewater State University in Bridgewater, Massachusetts majoring in Psychology and minoring in Music. Originally from West Bridgewater, Massachusetts, Brittany was a participant in the Distinguished Young Women program and was selected as the Distinguished Young Woman of Massachusetts for 2013. Learn more about Brittany here!


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