Request Awarded Scholarships

If the Scholarship Foundation is holding scholarships from your local or state program, or from the National Finals, you may claim your scholarships after you enroll in an accredited college or university. You must:

  1. Read and sign a copy of the Scholarship Rules and Regulations
  2. Complete a Funds Request Form
    1. If a payment is to go to the school, include a current tuition statement showing what is owed.
    2. If a reimbursement request, include receipts and/or cancelled checks.
  3. Provide to us proof of full-time enrollment (i.e. class schedule)

You can fax or mail these to the Scholarship Foundation.

FAX: 251.431.0063
MAIL: AJM Scholarship Foundation
751 Government Street
Mobile, AL 36602

Some state and local programs manage scholarships directly. If you are not sure if the Foundation is holding your scholarships, contact the program you won the scholarship through first.

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