Distinguished Young Women is the oldest and largest scholarship program for high school girls. Last year, we made more than $1 billion in cash tuition and college-granted scholarships available nationally.

Scholarships are available in two ways: cash tuition scholarships (which can be used at any accredited institution of higher learning) and college-granted scholarships (over 100 colleges and universities offer scholarships to program participants – several scholarships are available just for taking part in a local or state program!)

Cash Scholarships

Last year, participants received more than $2.1 million in cash scholarships through our programs across the nation. This money can be used for tuition, room and board, books, or other educational expenses (like lab fees or a computer). Interested in competing for college scholarships? APPLY today! Remember, it costs nothing to enter!

College-Granted Scholarships

Distinguished Young Women also works with over 100 colleges and universities across the country to provide opportunities for our participants to further their education. Some scholarships are available to any participant that takes part in a local or state program.

Take a look at some of the colleges who offer scholarships through us to young women across the country. This list doesn’t contain scholarships available only in your state or local area so be sure to ask your program if they offer any others.

To find out if more college-granted scholarships are available in your state, just ask your program’s director who will be in touch with you after you apply.



“As the child of two educators, college acceptance was always a priority in my academic journey. But like many working class families, the practicalities of how my family would afford college were elusive. Were it not for the generosity of the Distinguished Young Women scholarship fund, which provided me with full-tuition and dollar-for-dollar matched scholarships, my journey as a lifetime learner may have never taken flight. I encourage every young woman, every family and every educator to open the door of education for more young women by continuing the mission of the Distinguished Young Women scholarship program. Someone’s dreams and journey depend on it.”

Ty Williams-Reed, Alabama 1997


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