2019 Participants

Grace Zhang


City: Chandler

College Preference: MIT

Career Goals: Cybersecurity

Talent: Viola (Élégie Opus 24, by Gabriel Faure)

Ciara Callicott


City: Little Rock

College Preference: Vanderbilt

Career Goals: Law Enforcement/Politics

Talent: Contemporary Dance  (Glory , by John Legend )

Audrey Hsu


City: Cerritos

College Preference: University of Pennsylvania (UPenn), Harvard

Career Goals: Business Management

Talent: Chinese Dance (River Goddess, by Ling Jin)

Taryn Sebba


City: Fort Collins

College Preference: University of Oxford

Career Goals: State Department, UN, or Embassy

Talent: Musical Theatre ("Blue Skies", by Irving Berlin)

Taylor Richardson


City: New Castle

College Preference: Spelman college

Career Goals: Dance Movement Therapist, Psychology Doctorate

Talent: Dance  (, by Jessie J)

Savannah Stanley


City: Rydal

College Preference: University of Georgia

Career Goals: International Business

Talent: Musical Theatre  (Journey to the Past from Anastasia , by Lynn Ahrens and Stephen Flaherty)

Grace Christensen


City: Shelley

College Preference: Utah State University

Career Goals: Violin Performance, Music Education

Talent: Fiddle Solo  (Compilation , by Grace Christensen)

Dora Guo


City: Vernon Hills

College Preference: Barnard College

Career Goals: Educational Administration

Talent: Mongolian Dance (Psalm, by Choreographed by Lu Hao)

Kara Iwanowski


City: Bel Air

College Preference: Princeton, Northwestern

Career Goals: Collaborative pianist, PhD in Music ed

Talent: Piano Performance (Northern Lights, by Elizabeth Borowsky)

Mina Liang


City: Amherst

College Preference: Yale University, Williams College

Career Goals: Economics, Psychology

Talent: Violin (Meditation from Thais , by Massenet)

Brianna Patel


City: Novi

College Preference: University of Michigan

Career Goals: Business or Medicine

Talent: Lyrical Dance (The Light that Never Fails By: Andra Day, by Julie Hughes)

Lori Feng


City: Starkville

College Preference: Yale University

Career Goals: Running a Social Enterprise

Talent: Piano (Etude No.1, by Franz Liszt)

Rachel Jakovac


City: Helena

College Preference: University of Southern California

Career Goals: International business executive

Talent: Pointe and Piano Fusion (Solfeggio, by C.P.E. Bach)

Hanna Pohlmann


City: Kennard

College Preference: Texas Christian University

Career Goals: Physician

Talent: Jazz Dance  (Vibe, by )

Ashley Purcella

New Mexico

City: Albuquerque

College Preference: University of Alabama

Career Goals: Green Design Architect/Urban Designer

Talent: Lyrical Dance en Pointe (Crystallize, by )

Alison Parish

New York

City: Bronx

College Preference: Princeton University

Career Goals: Doctor

Talent: Vocal Performance (You Raise Me Up, by Rolf Lovland & Brendan Graham)

Esofi Nunyi

North Dakota

City: West Fargo

College Preference: University of Maryland

Career Goals: Pediatrician

Talent: Vocal Performance  (Diamonds , by Rihanna)

Evelyn Smith


City: Oklahoma City

College Preference: Brown University

Career Goals: Political Science

Talent: Lyrical Dance (Rise Up, by Andre Day)

Sarah White


City: Portland

College Preference: University of South Carolina

Career Goals: Chief Executive Officer

Talent: Tap Dance (Man! I feel like a Woman!, by Shania Twain)

Angelina Domenick


City: New Castle

College Preference: University of Pittsburgh

Career Goals: Pharmacist

Talent: Dance (Can’t Help Falling in Love, by Haley Reinhart)

Carsyn Leigh Barbary

South Carolina

City: Greenville

College Preference: Clemson University

Career Goals: Communications (Sports Broadcasting)

Talent: Jazz Dance (This Is Me (The Greatest Showman), by Benj Pasek and Justin Paul)

Rachel Brady

South Dakota

City: Vermillion

College Preference: University of Alabama

Career Goals: Major in Exercise Science

Talent: Baton Twirling (A Little Party Never Killed Nobody, by Fergie )

Madison Dochety


City: Tullahoma

College Preference: University of Tennessee Knoxville

Career Goals: Biomedical Engineering

Talent: Vocal Performance (A Million Dreams, by Benj Pasek)

Tayma Vanek


City: Colfax

College Preference: Southern Virginia University

Career Goals: High School Mental Health Counselor

Talent: Playing the piano (Waterfall, by Jon Schmidt)

Amy Keane


City: Waukesha

College Preference: Wheaton College

Career Goals: Medical Doctor

Talent: Gymnastics/Dance (Work This Body, by Walk the Moon)

Hazel Homer-Wambeam


City: Laramie

College Preference: University of Wyoming

Career Goals: Education and the Arts

Talent: Singing, Acting, and Dancing (Death is just around the Corner from The Addams Family the Musical, by Andrew Lippa)

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