2018 Participants

Jessica Yan


City: Mesa

College Preference: University of Pennsylvania

Career Goals: Mathematics/Economics

Talent: Classical Vocal ("The Jewel Song" , by Charles Gonoud)

Katherine Beasley


City: Conway

College Preference: Oklahoma City University/ University of Alabama

Career Goals: Radio City Rockette and Lawyer

Talent: Tap Dance (It's Too Darn Hot, by Ann Miller)

Kimberly Marquez


City: Bakersfield

College Preference: UC Irvine or CSU Long Beach

Career Goals:

Talent: Ballet Variation (Variation from Paquita, by Petipa)

Mary Kate Paoli


City: Newark

College Preference: Penn State University Park

Career Goals: Become a lawyer and make a difference in the world

Talent: Dance: Jazz/Contemporary  (Feeling Good by Carolina Isabel , by Self-Choreographed)

Elizabeth Dutch


City: Calhoun

College Preference: Florida State Univ. or Carnegie Mellon Univ.

Career Goals: Perform on Broadway

Talent: Vocal Performance (Forget About the Boy, by From the musical Thoroughly Modern Millie)

Lauren Etzkorn


City: Lisle

College Preference: Vanderbilt University

Career Goals: Physician / Surgeon

Talent: Science Demontration Monologue 

Celeste Jupiter


City: New Orleans

College Preference: Unversity of Southern California

Career Goals: Sports Medicine Doctor

Talent: Dance (Infra 5, by Max Richter)

Elena Rippeon


City: Westminster

College Preference: Duke, Johns Hopkins, or Auburn University

Career Goals: Neural Engineering

Talent: Clarinet (Weber Concertino, by Carl Maria von Weber)

Xiadi Zhai


City: Boston

College Preference: Harvard University, Princeton University

Career Goals: Psychiatrist, Flight Surgeon

Talent: Piano Performance (Excerpt from Clair de Lune, by Claude Debussy)

Melanie Taylor


City: Birmingham

College Preference: Columbia University

Career Goals: Attorney

Talent: Original Poetry (The Gracefully Erased, by Melanie Taylor)

Gianna Rucki


City: Lakeville

College Preference: University of Alabama

Career Goals: Business Administration and Public Relations

Talent: Speech  (Technical Difficulties , by Gianna Rucki)

Abigail Musser


City: Starkville

College Preference: Georgia Institute of Technology

Career Goals: Environmental Engineer

Talent: Violin (Csardas, by V. Monti (edited by Richard Czerwonky))

Simeon Saub


City: Omaha

College Preference: University of Missouri Kansas City

Career Goals: Professional ballet dancer

Talent: Contemporary Pointe Dance (Athena Goddess of War, by Mary Lorraine Miller)

Caitlyn Boyd

New York

City: Hoosick Falls

College Preference: Undecided

Career Goals: Art Curator

Talent: Vocal/Theatrical Performance (On the Steps of the Palace, by Stephen Sondheim)

Laurel Reynolds


City: Claremore

College Preference: University of Oklahoma

Career Goals: Physician for underserved Native Communities

Talent: Vocal (Astonishing , by Jason Howland and Mindi Dickstein)

Jessika Nanez


City: The Dalles

College Preference: University of Washington, University of Alabama

Career Goals: Nursing

Talent: Lyrical Jazz Dance (Warrior by Demi Lovato, by Kristi Maley )

Lauren Elledge


City: Washington Boro

College Preference: Pace University, Penn State University

Career Goals: musical theatre/deaf theatre performance

Talent: tap (Nobody (from Bandstand), by Lauren Elledge)

Jessie Miller

South Carolina

City: Lexington

College Preference: Vanderbilt University

Career Goals: International Business and use German

Talent: Singing (What Baking Can Do, by Sara Bareilles)

Leah Humble


City: Sevierville

College Preference: University of Alabama

Career Goals: Cultural analysis

Talent: Tap Dance  (Great Balls of Fire, by Jerry Lee Lewis)

Jana Osborne


City: Moses Lake

College Preference: University of Washington, Yale

Career Goals: Cyber Security Engineer

Talent: Jazz Dance (Jet Set, by Aaron Tveit & Company of the Original Cast of Catch Me If You Can)

Harriet Huang


City: Brookfield

College Preference: BYU or University of Washington-Seattle

Career Goals: Dietitian Major, Dance Minor

Talent: Contemporary Dance (Old Skin by ├ôlafur Arnalds ft. , by Elise Bruk)

Ashlyn Braley


City: Buffalo

College Preference: Texas A&M

Career Goals: Veterinarian Chiropractor

Talent: Jazz Dance (Sparkling Diamonds, by Ashlyn Braley/Donna Grant)

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