2017 Participants

Claire Kendrick


City: Birmingham

College Preference: Marymount Manhattan College

Career Goals: Professional Dancer

Talent: Contemporary Dance (Found, by Christel Alsos)

Elle Adkins


City: Eagle River

College Preference: University of Alaska

Career Goals: Physician or Chiropractor

Talent: Acrobatic Dance (Bad Boy, Good Man, by Tape Five)

Susannah Cowley


City: Phoenix

College Preference: Brigham Young University

Career Goals: Physician

Talent: Violin  (Csardas, by Vittorio Monti)

Brighton Barnard


City: Little Rock

College Preference: University of Arkansas

Career Goals: Fashion entrepreneur and designer

Talent: Lyrical Dance (The Light That Never Fails, by Andra Day)

Catherine Liang


City: Santa Rosa

College Preference: University of Southern California

Career Goals: International Human Rights Attorney

Talent: Piano (Fantasie Impromptu, by Frederic Chopin)

Kate Fitzgerald


City: Fort Collins

College Preference: California Polytechnic State University

Career Goals: Marine Biologist

Talent: Dance (Paradis Perdus , by Christine and the Queens)

Jaymie Bianca


City: Bristol

College Preference: Fordham University

Career Goals: Human Rights Lawyer

Talent: Baton  (Wonderland Medley , by Jefferson Airplane, Rachel Rose Mitchell )

Grace Otley



College Preference: University of Delaware

Career Goals: Broadcast Journalism

Talent: Vocal / Electric Violin (Titanium, by David Guetta )

Skye Bork

District of Columbia

City: Washington

College Preference: Columbia University

Career Goals: International Business, Political Office

Talent: Classical Ballet  (Carmen Suite #1 Aragonaise , by Coached by Jaqueline Akhmedova)

Brianna Peet


City: Apopka

College Preference: Stanford University

Career Goals: Psychiatrist

Talent: Dance (La Vie En Rose, by RJ Mitchell)

Olivia Pelton


City: Milledgeville

College Preference: Belmont University

Career Goals: Major in Musical Theatre, perform on Broadway

Talent: Vocal (Sempre Libera from La Traviata, by Giuseppe Verdi)

Lani Matsumiya


City: Aiea

College Preference: University of Pennsylvania

Career Goals: International Corporate Lawyer

Talent: Jazz Vocal (Cry Me A River, by Arthur Hamilton)

Abigail Kunz


City: Rigby

College Preference: Brigham Young University

Career Goals: Speech Pathologist

Talent: Vocal (Via Dolorosa, by Billy Sprague and Niles Borop)

Lauren DeSmedt


City: Aurora

College Preference: Western Michigan University

Career Goals: Professional Dancer, Choreographer, and Instructor

Talent: Lyrical Dance (Rise Up, by Andra Day)

Alyssa Hochstetler


City: Middlebury

College Preference: University of Alabama Honors College

Career Goals: Business Entrepreneur; MBA, Majors-Art & Marketing

Talent: Piano  (Piano Fantasy, by William Joseph)

Samina Abdullah


City: Bettendorf

College Preference: Undecided

Career Goals: Physician, biomedical engineer, computer scientist

Talent: Contemporary Dance  (Indestructible, by Robyn)

Hope Edmonds


City: Leavenworth

College Preference: Texas Christian University

Career Goals: Radiation Oncologist

Talent: Jazz/Acro Dance  (Footloose , by Blake Shelton )

Amy Wang


City: Lexington

College Preference: Harvard University

Career Goals: Neuroscience Entrepreneur

Talent: Piano (Grande Polonaise Brillante Op.22, by Frederic Chopin)

Caleb Dowden


City: Slidell

College Preference: SUNY Purchase

Career Goals: Dance/Anthropology

Talent: Dance (This Place Was A Shelter, by Olafur Arnalds)

Theo Dean-Slobod


City: South Portland

College Preference: Liberal arts college - strong Engineering program

Career Goals: Engineering, Acoustics

Talent: Violin (Gigue from Partita Number 3., by Bach)

Amanda Ellis


City: Baltimore

College Preference: Chapman University

Career Goals: BFA in Dance, Degree in Criminal Justice

Talent: Dance (Lost Song, by Olafur Arnolds)

Helen Huang


City: Franklin

College Preference: Harvard University

Career Goals: Biotechnology Management and Finance

Talent: Piano (Sonetto 104 del Petrarca, S. 161, No. 5 , by Franz Liszt)

Alexus Warchock


City: Jackson

College Preference: University of Michigan

Career Goals: Biomedical engineer

Talent: Dance (Bulletproof, by La Roux remix by Gamper & Dadoni)

Abigail Hansen


City: Owatonna

College Preference: The University of Toronto Faculty of Music

Career Goals: Professional Harpist and Music Entrepreneur

Talent: Harp  (Au Matin, by Marcel Tournier)

Neha Arora


City: Madison

College Preference: Emory University

Career Goals: Physician

Talent: Indian Classical Fusion Dance (Pinga, by Sanjay Leela)

Rachel Spurling


City: Columbia

College Preference: The Ohio State University

Career Goals: Health Care Administration

Talent: Contemporary Dance (If I Can Dream, by Elvis Presley and Celine Dion)

MaryElizabeth Royce


City: Corvallis

College Preference: St. Lawrence University

Career Goals: Radiologist

Talent: Vocal (I Could Have Danced All Night, by Frederick Loewe)

Haley Bonge


City: Omaha

College Preference: University of Alabama

Career Goals: Performer

Talent: Vocal  (Don't Forget Me, by Marc Shaiman & Scott Wittman)

Juliet Favero


City: Carson City

College Preference: Brigham Young University

Career Goals: Communications

Talent: Vocal (Who I Used To Be , by Juliet Favero)

Katrina Wilson

New Hampshire

City: Rindge

College Preference: Franklin Pierce University

Career Goals: Physical Therapist, DPT

Talent: Lyrical Dance (No Day But Today , by Idina Menzel)

Fascia Barclay

New Jersey

City: Ewing

College Preference: Temple University

Career Goals: Neurologist

Talent: Vocal  (One Moment in Time, by Whitney Houston )

Misa Tran

New Mexico

City: Alamogordo

College Preference: New Mexico State University

Career Goals: Athletic Training and Physical Therapy

Talent: Jazz-Pop Dance  (Bad, by Michael Jackson)

Alexa Brooks

New York

City: Whitehall

College Preference: University at Albany

Career Goals: Orthopedic Surgeon

Talent: Vocal  (Honey, Honey, by ABBA)

Darian Buck

North Carolina

City: Raleigh

College Preference: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Career Goals: PA in OB/GYN Specialty

Talent: Dance  (Turn to Stone , by Ingrid Michaelson)

Madison Baumgartner

North Dakota

City: Bismarck

College Preference: University of Minnesota-twin cities

Career Goals: Veterinarian

Talent: Flute  (Crystallize, by Lindsey Stirling )

McKenzie McGrath


City: New Albany

College Preference: Ohio State University

Career Goals: Accounting and Finance

Talent: Lyrical Dance (If I Had My Way, by Linda Eder)

Ana Teresa Atiles


City: Stillwater

College Preference: University of Virginia

Career Goals: Maternal and Child Health nurse

Talent: Dance (Diablo Rojo, by Rodrigo Sanchez and Gabriela Quintero)

Eva Busch


City: Milwaukie

College Preference: University of Nevada Las Vegas

Career Goals: Surgeon & performer with Cirque Du Soliel

Talent: Aerial Acrobatics (Cheap Thrills, by Sia)

Maxine Malvar


City: New Wilmington

College Preference: Cornell University

Career Goals: Lawyer

Talent: Vocal  (Think of Me, by Andrew Lloyd Webber)

Tiffany Brooks

Rhode Island

City: Bristol

College Preference: Boston College

Career Goals: Neuroscientist

Talent: Vocal Performance  (I Will Always Love You, by Whitney Houston)

Jessica Fields

South Carolina

City: Lexington

College Preference: University of South Carolina

Career Goals: Missionary Work

Talent: Violin  (Take Flight, by Lindsey Stirling)

Madison Lukomski

South Dakota

City: Sioux Falls

College Preference: University of Michigan

Career Goals: Social Theory and Practice

Talent: Spoken Word (My Sleeves, by Written by Madison Lukomski)

Halla Maynard


City: Cleveland

College Preference: Emory University

Career Goals: Attorney/Federal Congresswoman

Talent: Vocal / Guitar (Crazy For You, by Adele)

Peyton Wood


City: Houston

College Preference: Baylor University

Career Goals: Broadway Performer

Talent: Vocal (They Just Keep Moving the Line, by SMASH/Megan Hilty)

Caitlin Parkinson


City: North Salt Lake

College Preference: Brigham Young University

Career Goals: Pulmonologist

Talent: Harp  (Baroque Flamenco, by Deborah Henson-Conant)

Mara Senecal-Albrecht


City: South Burlington

College Preference: Barnard College

Career Goals: Professional Dancer/Choreographer or Historian

Talent: Dance Contempory (Song for Viola , by Peter Bradley)

Katie Liu


City: Yorktown

College Preference: University of Virginia

Career Goals: Computer Scientist

Talent: Piano (Chopin Scherzo in B-flat minor, by )

Kendyl Druffel


City: Colton

College Preference: Oregon State University

Career Goals: Collegiate Athletic Academic Advisor

Talent: Tap Dance (Real in Rio, by )

Haley Geiger

West Virginia

City: Ridgeley

College Preference: West Virginia University

Career Goals: Marketing Manager

Talent: Vocal (Music Of The Night, by Andrew Lloyd Webber)

Evelyn Kraklow


City: Waukesha

College Preference: Stetson University

Career Goals: Business Analytics and Finance

Talent: Piano Solo (Whitewater Chopped Sticks, by Calvin Jones)

Taelor Nielsen


City: Worland

College Preference: University of Wyoming

Career Goals: Middle Eastern Affairs & Homelessness Eradication

Talent: Spoken Word (Pocket-Sized Feminism, by Blythe Baird)

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