2017 Participants

Susannah Cowley


City: Phoenix

College Preference: Brigham Young University

Career Goals: Physician's Assistant & Music Minor

Talent: Violin Performance (Csardas, by Vittorio Monti)

Catherine Liang


City: Santa Rosa

College Preference: Columbia University, UPenn, UCLA

Career Goals: International Relations / Journalism

Talent: Classical Piano (Rhapsody in Blue, by George Gershwin)

Jaymie Bianca


City: Bristol

College Preference: Providence College

Career Goals: Human Rights Lawyer and a published poet

Talent: Baton twirling (ABC, by Jackson 5)

Grace Otley



College Preference: Princeton

Career Goals: Engineering

Talent: Vocal, piano, electric violin (Titanium, by David Guetta )

Olivia Pelton


City: Milledgeville

College Preference: Carnegie Mellon or Florida State University

Career Goals: Major in musical theatre, perform on Broadway

Talent: Musical Theatre, Vocal (Think of Me, by Andrew Lloyd Webber)

Lani Matsumiya


City: Aiea

College Preference: Boston University, Yale University

Career Goals: International Corporate Lawyer

Talent: Vocals (O Mio Babbino Caro , by Giacomo Puccini )

Abigail Kunz


City: Rigby

College Preference: Brigham Young University

Career Goals: Emmy Award-winning Multi-media Journalist

Talent: Vocal (The Prayer, by Andrea Bocelli and Celine Dion)

Lauren DeSmedt


City: Aurora

College Preference: University of Illinois

Career Goals: Professional Dancer, Choreographer, and Instructor

Talent: Lyrical Dance (Let it Go, by James Bay)

Hope Edmonds


City: Leavenworth

College Preference: Texas Christian University

Career Goals: Doctor of Medicine/Radiologist

Talent: Jazz/Acro Dance 

Caleb Dowden


City: Slidell

College Preference: Florida State University

Career Goals: Dance/Physical Therapy

Talent: Dance (Second Breath, Out of Breath, by Ezio Bosso)

Amanda Ellis


City: Baltimore

College Preference:

Career Goals:

Talent: Dance (Lost Song, by Olafur Arnalds)

Helen Huang


City: Franklin

College Preference:

Career Goals:

Talent: Piano (Sonetto 104 del Petrarca, S. 161, No. 5 , by Franz Liszt)

Alexus Warchock


City: Jackson

College Preference: University of Michigan

Career Goals: Biomedical engineer

Talent: Dance (Dark Horse, by Postmodern Jukebox remix )

Abigail Hansen


City: Owatonna

College Preference: A Music Conservatory

Career Goals: Harp Performance

Talent: Harp Solo (Great Day, by N. Gustavson)

Neha Arora


City: Madison

College Preference: Vanderbilt University

Career Goals: Physician

Talent: Indian Classical Bollywood Fusion Dance (Dhoom Taana, by Vishal-Shekhar )

Maggie Whyte


City: Helena

College Preference: The Juilliard School

Career Goals: Professional Ballerina, then a medical position

Talent: Ballet (Third Odalisque, by from Le Corsaire)

Haley Bonge


City: Omaha

College Preference: University of Alabama

Career Goals: Performer

Talent: Vocal Performance ("Don't Forget Me", by Marc Shaiman & Scott Wittman)

Katrina Wilson

New Hampshire

City: Rindge

College Preference: Simmons, Norwich, University of Alabama

Career Goals: Physical Therapist, DPT

Talent: Lyrical Dance (No Day But Today from Rent, by Amanda Couturier)

Alexa Brooks

New York

City: Whitehall

College Preference: Dartmouth College

Career Goals: Orthopedic Surgeon

Talent: Vocal Performance (Hallelujah, by Leonard Cohen)

Madison Baumgartner

North Dakota

City: Bismarck

College Preference: University of Minnesota-twin cities

Career Goals: Veterinarian

Talent: Flute Solo  (Madrigal, by Phillippe Gaubert)

Ana Teresa Atiles


City: Stillwater

College Preference: University of Virginia; University of Arkansas

Career Goals: Obstetrics or neonatal nurse

Talent: Contemporary dance (Bordel 1900, by Astor Piazolla)

Eva Busch


City: Milwaukie

College Preference: UNLV, Chapman University

Career Goals: Surgeon, Performer with Cirque Du Soliel

Talent: Aerial Acrobatics (Cheap Thrills, by Sia)

Maxine Malvar


City: New Wilmington

College Preference: Northwestern

Career Goals: Trama Surgeon

Talent: Vocal Presentation ("Think of Me" From Phantom of the Opera, by Andrew Lloyd Webber)

Jessica Fields

South Carolina

City: Lexington

College Preference: Furman University

Career Goals: Missionary work (English teacher)

Talent: Violin Solo (Crystallize, by Lindsey Stirling)

Madison Lukomski

South Dakota

City: Sioux Falls

College Preference: Northwestern University

Career Goals: Political Science or Theatre

Talent: Original Poetry (Poem, by Me)

Halla Maynard


City: Cleveland

College Preference: Georgetown

Career Goals: Federal Congresswoman

Talent: Singing (Your Daddy's Son, by Ragtime)

Peyton Wood


City: Houston

College Preference: Baylor University

Career Goals: Broadway Performer

Talent: Vocal (They Just Keep Moving the Line, by SMASH/Megan Hilty)

Caitlin Parkinson


City: North Salt Lake

College Preference: Brigham Young University

Career Goals: Pulmonology or Genetics Physician

Talent: Harp Solo (Baroque Flamenco, by Deborah Henson-Conant)

Mara Senecal-Albrecht


City: South Burlington

College Preference: University of Michigan, NYU, or Barnard College

Career Goals: Professional Dancer, Neuroscientist, or Historian

Talent: Dance (Contemporary Dance Piece to "Song for Viola by Peter Bradley, by Madelaine Mitchell-Ward)

Kendyl Druffel


City: Colton

College Preference: Oregon State University

Career Goals: Business

Talent: Tap Dance (Hawaii Five-O Theme Song, by Choreography by Shirley Sears)

Evelyn Kraklow


City: Waukesha

College Preference: University of South Alabama

Career Goals: Business Administration/International Relations

Talent: Piano Solo (Whitewater Chopsticks, by Calvin Jones)

Taelor Nielsen


City: Worland

College Preference: University of Chicago

Career Goals: Middle Eastern Affairs & Homelessness Eradication

Talent: Recitation (Poetry, by Blythe Baird)

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