Nosebleeds and Lockouts: Finding Friends in College

By Maggie Mae Whittemore
Distinguished Young Woman of Maine for 2013

The best experience of college so far has been making new friends. At Saint Michael’s College I am constantly meeting new people in class, in clubs, or just by walking outside on a nice day. Even the people who live on your floor can become like a family to you, like my floor has to me. The friend making experience has been highlighted by meeting both of my best friends for the first time. 

I am one of the lucky few to be able to call my roommate, Megan, one of my best friends here at college. I remember getting the fateful friend request while out to lunch and not knowing what to do. I accepted it of course, but do I message her or text her? A bit of advice for all of you going to college, ALWAYS contact your roommate before move-in day. Meg and I decided to Skype that way we could really get a sense for each other. We hit it off instantly and talked for three hours. I felt comfortable to make my way to Vermont and meet her in person, so on move-in day I burst into the room shouting a big “Hello!!” to my roommate and found her bleeding. Don’t worry, it wasn’t a vicious wound from being attacked, it was a nosebleed. I remember Meg shouting “I’m so sorry! I’ll leave so you can unpack!” But I told her to sit back down, and even got over my fear of blood momentarily so I could help this poor girl stop her gushing nose. Ever since that day we have been inseparable from each other. Every day is filled with laughter and new adventures with Meg by my side, and I thank The Lord each day that he blessed me with such a beautiful and wonderful roommate.

My other best friend I met in a very unique way. My roommate plays volleyball, so she is often away many weekends leaving me a whole dorm to myself. Our second weekend here Meg was off to a game and I was left without a roomie, I joked with the girls on my floor that the position was open but unfortunately had no takers. That is when I met Zac. It was about midnight that Saturday and I was hanging out in one of my friends rooms when he came in asking if he could stay the night with one of us. He and his roommate both made the classic freshman mistake of leaving their keys in their room and not being able to have the room unlocked until morning. I volunteered to take in this “homeless” kid saying that I even had an extra bed. I thought Zac would just crash and we’d go on our separate ways in the morning, but we ended up staying up all night talking. Every subject we could think of we covered. From books and movies to our homes and families. He became like a brother to me that night. Since then we have formed a classic sibling like relationship where we tease each other endlessly but deep down care for each other.

It doesn’t matter if you are assigned to live with them, or meet them by trying to look out for a classmate, friends are all around you in college. You are guaranteed to meet a group of people who will be there to have fun with you and experience college by your side.

Maggie Mae Whittemore is a college freshman at Saint Michael’s College in Colchester, Vermont majoring in Journalism and minoring in both Secondary Education and Spanish. Originally from South Paris, Maine, Maggie was a participant in the Distinguished Young Women program and was selected as the Distinguished Young Woman of Maine for 2013. Learn more about Maggie here!

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