No Parties, No Worries!

by Kyla Hull

IMG_9540There seems to be this stigma about college that you have to go out every night and party to have fun, but this is NOT the case! My friends and I have made so many incredible memories from all of the fun times we’ve had that don’t include partying, and I’d like to share some of them with you!


Let’s Go – Girls Night In


Forget G.N.O. (sorry Miley!) my friends and I like to enjoy what we call Girls Night In! This is where we all congregate in one of our dorm rooms for a night filled with food, fun, and giggles! We start off with facemasks, which are super relaxing, great for your skin, and they make for hilarious Snap Chat pictures (you don’t even need the spa day filter)! While we are waiting for them to dry, we give each other manicures! We are all so different and our color preferences range from Barbie pink to licorice black, but that’s what we love about each other! After our nails dry, we wash off our facemasks, which typically have begun cracking from our endless laughter. Then we turn on some music, and set out a picnic of fancy snacks on the floor. Last time, we had water with slices of lemon and lime, fresh pineapple, brie cheese and bagel chips, dove dark chocolate, and pop rocks candy (because those things will always be entertaining and yummy)! Usually by this time it’s about 1:00AM; we grab a MacBook, curl up in layers of fuzzy blankets, and watch a movie until the wee hours of the morning. Around 4:00AM, after we’ve fought off sleep to finish the movie, we gather ourselves and sleepily wander arm-in-arm back to our separate dorms to have sweet dreams in our own beds!


IHOP Thursdays


Before a dance rehearsal during one of the first few weeks of school, two sophomores who are now some of my closest friends invited me and another freshman to go to IHOP with them after we finished at the studio. Of course I said yes, because what freshman doesn’t want to hang out with upper classmen?! So we all hopped in the car at 10:00PM and drove to the restaurant, windows down, music blasting, and singing at the top of our lungs! We laughed over pancakes and orange juice and took hilarious Snap Chat videos. Now this has become a pretty regular venture for the group of us and the memories (as well as the food) get sweeter each time!


Salsa Dancing


For my best friend’s birthday, she decided that she wanted to go out salsa dancing! We found a little place right outside of DC and our group took an Uber there on a Friday night, not really knowing what to expect. It turned out to be the cutest, swankiest place ever! The space was very lovely; exposed wood interior with amazing art work on the walls, large windows that dimly showed the lights of the outside world, a few tables and chairs, a small stage, and the rest of the room open for dancing. Upon our arrival, we were seated and enjoyed a phenomenal meal. Around 10:30PM the live musicians started playing and the club suddenly became filled with life! It was almost as if the music was a sirens song, drawing people into the space. We watched as dancers swirled around us, twisting and turning in a mesmerizing way. I had no experience with this type of dancing, none of us did for that matter, and I was content just observing and appreciating the beauty that was happening around me. Then, a guy who I didn’t know at all came up to me and asked me if I wanted to dance. My first reaction was hesitance, but then I thought, why not? I’m 18, I’m young, this is college, this is fun, and I’m a dance major for goodness sake, of course I’m going to dance!!! So I let him lead me on to the floor, where I was spun, dipped, and twirled until I couldn’t feel my feet! I thanked him for teaching me and spent the rest of the night shimmying and shaking with my friends. When we finally couldn’t dance any longer, we got an Uber back to campus that played classic jazz artists like Etta James the whole way. It was truly the perfect ending to a perfect night!


I hope that my experiences give you some inspiration for fun things to do with your college friends too! So what are you waiting for? Grab your Besties and go make some memories!

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