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By Kaylyn Taylor
Distinguished Young Woman of Nevada for 2015

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Cheers to a New Year!

kaylyn new year blogOne thing that 2015 has given me was great friends, and a new year allows for time of reflection and I would love to give a shout out to one of my best friends! 2015 was the craziest year for us filled with student council, late night projects, fun trips, and stress filled with love. Girls like her don’t come around often. She kept me sane when all chaos was breaking loose. Since we get to plan our high school reunions, we will be with each other forever…so it’s a good think we like each other.

New years are always a little bit intimidating for me. I always catch myself thinking, what could I do better this year? I could join all of those New Year gym goers that only go to the gym for the month of January.

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I could try and write in my journal and only get a couple weeks in before I add another empty notebook to the back of my closet along with all of the other forgotten empty novels.

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I could try and get rid of chocolate, but what if I have a bad day? Every year I find myself getting into this rut of never accomplishing a goal and saying “Oh I’ll get to it next year”.

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This year I am going to take baby steps because I feel like if I take a goal for a year I will be less likely to accomplish it. This year I am going to do daily goals. I am going to try and be my best self daily.

Be Healthy

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Don’t cut out all “happy foods” for the whole year, to me that is unrealistic. Maybe instead of 12 donuts you can eat just 1.

Be Ambitious

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Try something new this year. Maybe you try something in January or maybe in July or even November. My friends and I tried racquetball, and though we have never played before it was a fun new thing to try!

Be Involved

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Reach out with an organization. Do a service project. And I don’t like the phrase “service project”. I think service should be something exciting and projects are not exciting. I think parties are exciting. So get involved with an organization. Participate in a service party! And just because it isn’t a service party every week maybe you do one every quarter of the year or maybe even once a year.

Be Responsible

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Get a gold fish to teach responsibility, it would be fun! My roommates and I have managed to have three fish pass away under our supervision. “The first couple times you raise things, you kill them. Best start with fish” –Serena Neel. Learn responsibility with a pet!

Be Studious

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This is the Utah State library and it has been one of my goals to get to the library and that will carry over to the New Year! Do your best in school cause it pays off, I promise.

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Lets make 2016 our year! Say no more to next year and lets finally do something to be our best selves!



Kaylyn Taylor is a college freshman at Utah State University in Logan, Utah. Kaylyn was a participant in the Distinguished Young Women program and was selected as the Distinguished Young Woman of Nevada for 2015. Learn more about Kaylyn here!

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