Super Yummy Top 10 - Healthy Eating

By Kinsey Crow
Distinguished Young Woman of Ohio for 2011


Hey ladies!
So. We have embarked deep into the 2012 calendar year, which means… some of us have already cheated a little on our New Year’s Resolutions.  I know that one of my resolutions was to be healthier in 2012, and what with beginning-of-the-year festivities, my obsession with frozen yogurt, etc., it’s sometimes hard to keep focused on eating healthily and staying active!  Well…To combat this mid-winter lack of focus, I’ve compiled a list of my top 10 favorite healthy foods, which not only taste super yummy, but are good for us too :)


10. Celery and peanut butter: Celery provides our bodies with fiber and vitamin C, and when paired with peanut butter (crunchy all the way) it’s a great snack!


9. Dried apricots: Apricots are a great source of vitamin A!


8. Fresh edamame: Ok, stay with me on this one. Edamame is soybeans, picked before they’re mature so they’re bright green and soft.  They’re a great source of protein and (in my opinion) really tasty. Try it, and if you don’t like it… you can send your leftovers my way 😉


7. Pears: I always used to be afraid of eating the skin, but as long as you wash them, you can eat pears just like an apple!


6. Beef jerky: Not only is jerky high in protein, but it has a relatively low fat content as well. And it just makes you feel super rustic while you’re eating it 😉


5. String cheese: my favorite brand is Frigo Cheese Heads. Try them. Your life will be changed. (well, maybe it’s not that drastic, but they’re pretty awesome)


4. Hummus and carrot sticks: I never thought of using carrots as a vehicle for hummus until recently, but they are so yummy together!


3. Blueberries: these have tons of antioxidants, which function to help our bodies in many ways including improving the health of our digestive tracts and nervous systems!


2. Low-fat Greek yogurt: Greek yogurt is so rich and creamy!  Fage makes some good stuff, and if you’re feeling really scandalous, The Greek Gods Honey Strawberry is FABULOUS. Pretty sure they don’t make a low-fat variety, though, so be prepared for calorie shock!


1. Stacy’s pita chips:  I AM OBSESSED. My favorite flavor is Cinnamon Sugar, but the Simply Naked ones are delicious as well. Don’t go too overboard and eat half the bag… that’s not conducive to healthy eating 😉

Well, that’s all for now! I’d love some feedback to hear about some of your favorite healthy foods.  Happy snacking!

Kinsey Crow is a college freshman at Auburn University in Auburn, Alabama majoring in Nursing. Originally from Mount Vernon, Ohio, Kinsey was a participant in the Distinguished Young Women program and was selected as the Distinguished Young Woman of Ohio for 2011. Learn more about Kinsey here!

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