It’s Never Too Late

By Brittany Churchill
Distinguished Young Woman of Massachusetts for 2013





So far this year I have held fast to my resolutions. However, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss a set of push-ups and Bible reading or two. I refuse to let that get me down though. No one is perfect, so why should we feel discouraged when we inevitably fall short of perfection? We should always strive to be our best, but accept that fact that our best includes our imperfections. Our flaws provide us with wonderful opportunities to improve! 

In this first month of resolutions, I am constantly reminded of the habits I’ve countlessly tried to make or break over the years. It seems silly to attempt these life changes once a year, inevitably to fall off the wagon and try again months later. I have often given up on the goal to work out, or eat healthier, or stop biting my nails simply because I failed one day. Those objectives are then shoved aside for another New Year’s transformation- how ridiculous is that? Shouldn’t we treat every day as a new beginning and a chance to be our best selves no matter what the date?

Every single soul out there has both strengths and weaknesses. The way each individual thinks and feels results from which areas he or she focuses on. I’m sure you know of people who see the glass half empty and only concentrate on what they don’t have, what they wish they were, and what they want to be. There is a healthy way to view these things- in balance with appreciation for what one does have and who they are. Instead of remaining discouraged because of something missing in your life, approach it from a new angle. Embrace and appreciate your strengths and accept weaknesses as areas for growth. 

I have many friends who have expressed the notion that because they are not strong singers, or readers, or athletes that improving their skills is futile. This couldn’t be further from the truth- anyone can do anything if they put in the time and effort. Dedication is a dying art these days. Instead of giving up on hopes and dreams, truly put your heart and soul into whatever goal you want to reach. You can only get better! I know of 90 year old women finally learning to swim, or crochet, or play piano. This proves that it is never too late- to start over, to learn something new, and to be your best self.

Why not start today?


Brittany Churchill is a college freshman at Bridgewater State University in Bridgewater, Massachusetts majoring in Psychology and minoring in Music. Originally from West Bridgewater, Massachusetts, Brittany was a participant in the Distinguished Young Women program and was selected as the Distinguished Young Woman of Massachusetts for 2013. Learn more about Brittany here!


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