It's Bachelor Season!

By Kaylyn Taylor
Distinguished Young Woman of Nevada for 2015

bachelor rose2

*sniff sniff *

Do you smell that?

It’s BACHELOR season!!

With this wonderful sappy season upon us, I thought I could share a little story of when I was first stood up on a date. Oh the drama!

My best friend, Madison and I were finally asked on a double date and we were so excited. What a dating famine it was in Las Vegas when we were in high school. She came over to my house and it was the best time in the whole world. We were helping with each other’s hair and makeup. It was going to be a great date. And then we were sitting on my bed just talking away. And then we realized it was 20 minutes past the time we were supposed to be picked up. Then it turned into an hour. We were like oh my gosh I cannot believe that this actually happens. We called and texted with no reply. What in the world. An hour and a half later, he called us and told us he had to baby sit and that he would have to cancel. Good thing he told us BEFORE we got ready!

So we decided to pull out the comfort food and watch a chick flick in my room. It was great! We decided that boys were stupid, dating was stupid, and it was a better to be single anyways! The next day we discovered that they just decided to hang out with 2 less distinguished girls for not very distinguished reasons instead of us. TEAM DISTINGUISHED! Needless to say, we are both happy now with wonderful men in our life. When you think that there is no hope for the world and you feel like life has got you stood up on a date, just remember that life does get better!

Remembering this funny story, along with Bachelor season in session, it got me thinking about the qualities we should be looking for in a man. Ben from the Bachelor looks for someone who is a good cook, family oriented, realistic, compassionate, and much more!!


bachelor ben


So what should Distinguished Young Women look for in a man?

  1. Puts family first/treats mother and sisters with respect
  2. has goals and is always striving to become better
  3. patient/kind/thoughtful
  4. values your opinion/good communication skills
  5. Has same moral standards as you
  6. Has a good sense of humor/makes you laugh
  7. Tries to be healthy, be ambitious, be involved, be responsible, and be studious. (this one was a shocker to us all J)

But ultimately the things you want in someone else, you need to expect from yourself. You cannot expect things out of someone else, if you cannot expect them from yourself.


Happy Bachelor season! BE DISTINGUISHED!



Shout out to all of the distinguished men out there!! Madison and I got lucky for sure!


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Kaylyn Taylor is a college freshman at Utah State University in Logan, Utah. Kaylyn was a participant in the Distinguished Young Women program and was selected as the Distinguished Young Woman of Nevada for 2015. Learn more about Kaylyn here!

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