It's All About the Journey

By Gabrielle Walter
Distinguished Young Woman of New York
As the school year comes to an end for our graduating seniors, so too does the journey for this year’s class of Distinguished Young Women. We work throughout high school to walk across that stage with the hope that we gained the proper resources to help us succeed in our career paths. One of the biggest preparations after the representatives win their state is for Nationals. Both of these work towards a common goal, but is the reward the action of walking across the stage or going to nationals? No..It is the journey. It is what both those two actions represent.
Arrival Ceremony at Mobile Regional Airport
These 50 young women in Mobile had the qualities of Distinguished Young Women before they received the title. It is the program they are a part of that is the medium for them to be recognized and do great work in the community. The program Distinguished Young Women celebrates these girls, who they are, and where they are going in life. Being on that stage among thousands of people is a collaboration of all the girls talents being shown to families, friends, and the community. All of these girls work so hard for others that this time is to celebrate them and all their accomplishments. After Distinguished Young Women, they will still be the girls they always were–hard working, strong headed, distinguished, divas!! Now they know they have a whole family of support for their continued goals and actions they want to conquer in life.
Love the Azalea Trial Maids with the big dresses– after trying one on and knowing how heavy they are, I have so much more respect for these ladies.
My Mobile experience is one I will never forget! I have never been down south, so I can say that there is such thing as southern hospitality. From the lovely host families, mine being the McKinney’s, to the the volunteers and wonderful committee members. It is fact that sweet tea makes most anything better! Distinguished Young Women gave me the confidence I needed in knowing that people are always there to support you. Distinguished Young Women is a family that is strong in it’s core. We hold true to the test that we can be far away from each other and still be by each other’s side in spirit. So remember that you always can find the qualities of Distinguished Young Women inside of your hard work. Participate in this program and work to celebrate who you are while inspiring other young women that they have something special about themselves too.
The Red Group being silly–Love these girls!
Much Love ~ Gabrielle
Gabrielle Walter is a college freshman at Canisius College in Buffalo, New York majoring in Biology/Pre-medicine. Originally from East Amherst, New York, Gabrielle was a participant in the Distinguished Young Women program and was selected as the Distinguished Young Woman of New York for 2011. Learn more about Gabrielle here!
  • Anonymous

    25th Jun 2012 at 18:49

    Gabrielle, it was so nice to read your entry! I am a former New York State DYW, myself (well, it was called Jr. Miss my year) and I’m glad to hear that you also had a really rewarding experience. I read the entry not knowing you were from New York and then I saw Canisius College. I go to The College at Brockport – we’re so close! I hope that you had a wonderful freshman year in Buffalo! Good luck in your future endeavors! Love, Alissa Gee

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