Get to Know Sarah Fuller - Distinguished Young Woman of Pennsylvania 2013


Name: Sarah Fuller
Age: 18
Hometown:Stewartstown, Pennsylvania
College: Elizabethtown College
Major: Early Childhood Education & Special Education
My favorite food: I love Greek food! Greek dishes with chicken, feta, tzatziki… it’s so unique and delicious!
My favorite TV show: The Big Bang Theory – I own the first five seasons on DVD!
My favorite Olympic sport: I’ve always enjoyed watching speed skating, but the 2014 games won’t be the same without Apolo Ohno.
My favorite quote: “If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.” ~ (Henry David Thoreau) This quote reminds me that I should not be afraid to have enormous dreams but also that I must work hard to make them become reality. Talk about being AMBITIOUS!
My favorite time of year: The time between October and January is such a cheerful time! Autumn is beautiful with its reds, oranges, and golds that color the trees and the ground, and the Christmas season is so magical!
Plan ahead OR procrastinate: Plan ahead! It makes life much less stressful. If I didn’t know that before, college has truly shown me that!
Paper OR plastic: Neither! Reusable bags are so much more convenient and better for the environment!
Glass half-full OR glass half-empty: It’s always full: half water, half air!
Introvert OR extrovert: I’m an extrovert. I love being around people and making new friends!
Cats OR Dogs: That’s difficult, but I’d have to say cats. (But don’t tell my dog, Patches!)
Morning person OR night person: I’m a morning person. I go to bed pretty early at night.
What is your most embarrassing moment? The first day of seventh grade, I had just started out at my new school, and for some reason I thought I had to take all of my textbooks home on the first day to put covers on them. Well this made my book bag pretty heavy, and when I bent down to pick up the water bottle I had dropped, I fell over backwards and lay on my back like a turtle, pulled to the ground by the weight of all my textbooks!  And of course the hallway was full of seniors!
If you could be any color crayon, what would you be and why? Pine Green! Green is my favorite color, and that crayon color sounds like Christmas to me!
If you were stranded on a deserted island, what three things would you absolutely need for survival? I would need a lot of clothes! I’m always cold so staying warm would be essential. I would need a notebook so that I could record my adventures and so that  I could still write poetry, and I would have to eat to survive, so I would need an endless supply of Nutella!
Sum yourself up in three words: Inquisitive, determined, and motherly
What do you want to be when you grow up and why? I’m pursuing a career in special education.  I want to teach children with special needs, especially those with autism. It’s something I’ve been passionate about for a long time, and I want to be an advocate for these children and their families. They deserve to be taught by people who care about them and want more than anything to see them succeed!
Describe your single-most favorite moment from your Distinguished Young Women experience: The Distinguished Young Women program opened doors to so many friendships and experiences for me, but one of my favorite opportunities was presenting the Be Your Best Self program to young children. About a month after one of my presentations, I was walking in town with my family to get snowballs, and as a family drove by, the children in the back seat rolled down the windows and shouted, “You’re Sarah Fuller! You’re the Distinguished Young Woman!” before proudly chanting, “Be your best self!”  Knowing that they remembered not only who I was but also the important message I had shared with them helped me to realize that I am a role model for children in my community and that I can make a difference in their lives!

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