Get to Know Nicole Renard - Distinguished Young Woman of America for 2013


1.      Give some information on the extracurricular activity to which you were most devoted…
I LOVE photography! I started my own business over four years ago and have taken numerous senior portraits, weddings, families and new borns. Capturing time is so fascinating to me and it is so rewarding to show a client their photo and watch their eyes light up with joy as if it’s the first time they’ve seen themselves. I love making people feel beautiful in a photo. 
I also have been dancing since I was 2. I dance nine hours a week practicing all styles including, ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, hip-hop, and musical theatre. Dance is a fun way for me to exercise and let out my creative energy. I love expressing myself through movements and entertaining people on stage. 
2.      Give some information on the volunteer activity to which you were most devoted and/or passionate…
I started a coin drive called “Coins for Kadlec” that raised money for our new Pediatric Unit at our local hospital. I was able to go into every class room in two of our elementary schools and encourage the children to bring in any money they could find. They were so excited to be helping kids like them who were sick and eagerly joined in the efforts. We raised $4,000 and were able to present the check in person to the foundation at the hospital. 
3.       What are other causes/efforts you are passionate about?
This year I was a Young Life student leader. Every Monday I would help lead our weekly club leading songs or games. I was able to connect with underclassman and encourage them to find out more about who Jesus is and motivate them to pursue walking with Him. 
4.       What is the most meaningful lesson you have learned in life thus far?
The most meaningful lesson I have learned in life thus far is that it’s not about me. Like Jesus came to give His life for us, I live my life in service to Him and others. I have been blessed with an incredible life that I don’t deserve and so much joy from the Lord that I can’t help but share His love and Good News with everyone I meet. People are the most important thing in this world so I am passionate about building strong, genuine relationships with them and making a positive impact on their life. I’ve realized I don’t need a title, a crown or medallion to make a difference, just a willing heart and determined mindset. 
5.      What are your thoughts on the youth of America in today’s society?
I truly believe the youth of America have the potential and ability to do great things in this world. All we need is a little motivation and some action to be taken. 
6.       What sets you apart from your peers?
Besides the obvious fact that I’m about 5 inches taller than most girls my age I think what sets me apart is I’m not afraid to be myself. I am inspired by the unique person God created me to be and I believe in my dreams and the plan He has for my life. I’m not one to change the way I live because some one may not approve, but I live courageously and stand strong for what I know is right. 
7.       What inspires and/or motivates you?
The “finish line” is what inspires me. As I’m preparing for something I create a scene in my head about what obtaining the “prize” would look like and how I would feel. Normally this image is enough to keep me motivated to strive for that goal and do whatever it takes to make it happen.
8.       What was your favorite subject in school?
I loved Leadership class. I have always loved emceeing assemblies, choreographing dances, painting posters and planning the Homecoming Parade. Working as a team has taught me so many lessons and I have had such a cool opportunity to meet many students while serving my school.
9.       What are you most excited about for college?
I am so excited to be in the state of California! Thanks to the scholarships provided by Distinguished Young Woman I am attending my dream school where I am thrilled to meet new people and take classes that will prepare me for my future as a Television host. 
10.     Elaborate on your hobbies and or interests…
I am an avid Pinterest recipe finder and maker. I love finding yummy recipes with a lot of steps because I love the challenge of baking. Since I do this so frequently I let my family have one of whatever I make and then I box it up and delivery it to people to make their day! Unless the dessert is really good, then of course we keep some extras. 
I also collect things. Ghirardelli chocolate squares, hotel room key cards, Mickey Mouse Ears, rings and colored skinny jeans just to name a few.
11.     What do you get on your “soap box” about?
I am very passionate about setting goals especially at a young age. Half of the battle to achieving our dreams is setting them in the first place and then believing that you can do it. I love talking to children about finding something they really want to do and helping them set goals for themselves without limiting their abilities on what they think they can or can’t do.
12.     What is your favorite TV show, movie and type of music?
Honestly I don’t have time for TV. I don’t really know how to work our remote! I love watching movies though, mostly Disney or anything cute. Pirates of the Caribbean is my favorite series and Tangled is my favorite Princess movie. I love all kinds of Christian music, Disney songs and One Direction.
13.     What do you indulge in (could be a food, a reality TV show, magazine, etc)?
ICE CREAM!! I could live off of a bowl of ice cream for every meal. Or maybe two. That and a Ghiradelli chocolate square and I am all set. 
14.      Any little known interesting facts about you?
I am one of the few humans who can lick their elbow. I am also double jointed and very flexible and can do some weird tricks with my body! I can say “The Cat is on fire” in 15 different languages. I’ve ridden a camel. Stitch is one of my favorite Disney characters. I have a secret dream of being an astronaut and the first woman on the moon. 

  • Noelle

    24th Oct 2013 at 05:09

    You seem like such a wonderful person, Nicole! :) I am so proud of you for spreading the joy of Jesus Christ and making an impact in people’s lives. Keep up the awesome work- I hope you’re loving college life!

  • Brianna Bracey

    24th Oct 2013 at 10:08

    You are AMAZING, Nicole! Miss you and can’t wait to visit you in Disneyland sometime soon!

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