Get to Know Julia Shappert - Distinguished Young Woman of Ohio 2013

Blog-Post-1_Julia-ShappertName: Julia Shappert

Age: 19

Hometown: Commercial Point, Ohio

College: Huntingdon College

Major: Mathematics w/ Secondary Certification

What is your favorite food? Turkey and chicken salad wraps, fish sandwiches, and frozen yogurt are my weaknesses!

What is your favorite TV show? Lost

What is your favorite movie? The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

What is your favorite Olympic sport? Gymnastics!

What is your favorite Christmas/holiday tradition? On Christmas Eve, my family and I go to evening Mass, come back home, and watch either Polar Express or It’s a Wonderful Life with popcorn and hot chocolate. :)

What is the current #1 most played song on your iPod? “Landslide” by Stevie Nicks

What is your favorite quote? “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “Plans to Prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.” – Jeremiah 29:11

What is your most hated household chore? Cleaning shower drains or sinks. Icky!

What is your favorite time of day? Between 9:30PM-10:30PM. My day is basically over by this point and I have a moment to breathe, finish some schoolwork, and talk with family and friends.

What is your favorite time of year? December because of winter break, my birthday, and Christmas!

Plan ahead OR procrastinate? Definitely plan ahead! I don’t know what I would ever do with myself if I held off tasks that I knew needed to get done.

Paper OR plastic? Plastic!

Glass half-full OR glass half-empty? I used to be extremely pessimistic as a teenager. I have learned over time to hold on to faith, pray, and think positive. So, the glass is half full!

Introvert OR extrovert? I am naturally very introverted and tend to be intimidated meeting new people and interacting in big social events. But, I have learned to overcome this fear by being myself and taking the chance to meet people. From this, I have the best circle of college friends I could ever ask for!

Cats OR Dogs? I can’t go wrong with puppy love! I used to have a white Pomeranian for 10 years that I treasured with all my heart. I definitely have a love for dogs. :)

Morning person OR night person? I am a night owl!

If you could be any color crayon, what would you be and why? Red gives me the feeling of confidence and professionalism, so that would be my color choice!

If you were stranded on a deserted island, what three things would you absolutely need for survival? If we are strictly speaking about survival, I would need a knife for cutting wood and food, a mirror for reflecting sunlight, and netting to make a tent and protect myself from pesky bugs!

What is one goal you have set for yourself and achieved? What is one goal that still remains to be achieved? Before entering college, I made it a priority to meet friends and stay involved on campus. With being nearly 800 miles away from home, joining activities that I love was my immediate remedy to any homesickness I might come across. A goal that remains to be achieved is conquering my deathly fear of driving!

Sum yourself up in three words: Faithful, responsible, and thoughtful

What do you want to be when you grow up and why? After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics, I plan on becoming a secondary math teacher at either an online public school or brick-and-mortar middle school. I had a wonderful high school algebra teacher who made math enjoyable and easy to decipher. It would be my absolute joy to assist my students’ understanding in the applications of math and show that it can be fun!

Describe your single-most favorite moment from your Distinguished Young Women experience. I have experienced countless memories from my year as the Distinguished Young Woman of Ohio. One evening during Nationals, we had a large Girl Scout pajama party with hundreds of little girls from several local troops from around Mobile. It was absolutely priceless meeting the girls while dancing in our pajamas, eating popsicles, and making crafts! “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” is the perfect song title to describe the night, and it was an amazing way to relax, bond, and enjoy our time together.

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