Get to Know Jordan Snyder - Distinguished Young Woman of Wyoming for 2015


Name: Jordan Snyder

Age: 18

Hometown : Buffalo, Wyoming

College: Gonzaga University

Major: I am majoring in nursing with a minor in psychology and physiology.

What is your favorite food? My favorite food includes anything and everything oozy, gooey and cheesy. I’m Italian so all of the cheesy pastas hit home for me.

What is your favorite Christmas/holiday tradition? The holidays are my favorite time of the year for sure, but especially Christmas. I love getting to spend my time with my family and our house always smells like garlic, evergreen, cookies and everything happy in life. I don’t think I can pick just one favorite holiday tradition, so I picked my two favorite. My first favorite tradition would be how we get our Christmas tree. I live right by the mountains so every year my family and my grandparents all drive up the mountains to pick out a tree. Every year we say we won’t hike too far in and that we will get one right on the side of the road, but without fail we end up hiking sooo far into the forest. None of us can ever find one we like. It’s either too tall or too short and sometimes it’s not full enough to make everyone happy. My gramma has a soft spot in her heart for the “Charlie Brown” tree so that always brings up lots of laughs. Along with that, another of my favorite Christmas tradition involves my brother. The very first memories I have of Christmas always involve my brother sneaking into my room around 3-4am on Christmas Day so we can go out and see our Christmas presents.  Even though he was 15 last year, I still felt him tapping on my shoulder to wake me up and sneak out to the living room. I can’t imagine that tradition changing anytime soon.

What is your favorite quote? My favorite quote is something I try to tell myself every day, “Let go and let God”. I find that it really helps me to remember that I can’t control everything and that even when things don’t always go my way that God has a bigger plan that I can’t see. I know I just have to wait and see what He has in store for me.

What is your most hated household chore? I love my family more than anything, but the best thing about being in college is not having to clean the bathroom. That was by far the worst household chore in the world. Nothing is worse than having to clean the bathroom.

Plan ahead OR procrastinate? I absolutely am the procrastinator. It’s the worst habit I have and I find if I have lists about things I need to do and deadlines then I can make sure and not put things off as long.

Paper OR plastic? In my opinion I would have to say that I like plastic more than paper, mainly because there is more plastic recycling bins around, so if I’m going to help the environment than at least it’s convenient.

Glass half-full OR glass half-empty? I wish I could say that I’m a half full glass type of girl, but I’m not. But I make sure that my mentality doesn’t reflect on my attitude and I always make the best of the situation.

Introvert OR extrovert? I am absolutely an extrovert. I love people and talking and getting to know everyone around me.

Cats OR Dogs? Even though I grew up around dogs, I’ve always been a cat person. I currently have two cats, one’s named Mercedes and the other Bentley. Mercedes is by far my favorite, she’s spunky and fun and she has her very own unique and very special personality. I think I miss them as much as my family.

Morning person OR night person? The nighttime is my element, I can stay up so late, but please don’t ask me to get up in the morning.

What is your most embarrassing moment? The most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to me was a pretty recent. It was my first week of classes and I was headed to Intro to Sociology. I sat down and I couldn’t help but think that the other freshman in my class looked really old. I shrugged it off thinking I was just crazy. Class started, and the more it went on, the more I was sure I was not in the right place. It wasn’t until 30 minutes in that I realized with absolute certainty that this was not the class I was supposed to be in. I decided that at that point I would just sit there until the class was over and then just try and find the right one the next day. But that was when the teacher announced that it was our turn to introduce ourselves and state why we chose to take African Catholicism. I quite obviously had a mini panic attack as that was most assuredly not where I was meant to be. I then proceeded to say, “Hi, my name is Jordan and I’m in the wrong class” and ran out of the room. Obviously it was the most embarrassing thing in my life.

What would we find in your refrigerator right now? At this very moment in my itty bitty dorm room fridge shoved under my bed I had a mountain of cheese sticks as well as caramel apples, my very favorite fall snack.

What is the one thing you wish someone had told you about college life that you had to find out on your own? One thing that I wish someone had told me before starting college was that my study habits need to change. I can’t get by with just glancing at my notes as I did in high school, I actually have to go through and study in depth the details on my exams. My study skills still need improvement, but through the resources at the library and through the schools tutors I’m figuring it out.

What is one goal you have set for yourself and achieved? What is one goal that still remains to be achieved? The biggest goal I have in my life right now is to graduate from nursing school. It is a very tough school and the final test, the NCLEX, is extremely hard. So my long term goal is to make it through and graduate. After that, I hope to one day become a Certified Nurse Midwife and work with moms with prenatal care as well as delivering babies and working with them postpartum.

Describe your single-most favorite moment from your Distinguished Young Women experience. My group was the green group, the leftover lettuce as we affectionately called ourselves. The common theme of those two weeks in Alabama was, “What is the green group doing?” We always were off doing something else, usually the wrong thing and we dubbed ourselves the leftover lettuce. But as the top 10 were announced for finals, 5 of those top 10 were from the green group. Even better, the first and second runner up were from the leftover lettuce. By the end of the week we went from iceberg lettuce to kale. It was so much fun getting to laugh and share these inside jokes with the amazing and talented girls. It was overall the best experience I’ve ever had.

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