Get to Know Anna Dai - Distinguished Young Woman of Michigan 2013

Name: Anna Dai 

Age: 18
Hometown:Canton, Michigan
College: University of Michigan
Major: Majoring in Computer Science with a minor in Math and/or Electrical Engineering
What is your favorite food: Sushi. In a close second is the pasta salad from a local Deli called Amer’s.
What is your favorite TV show: Criminal Minds and Psych
What is your favorite movie: Elf!
What is your favorite Olympic sport: Rhythmic Gymnastics
Current #1 most played song on your iPod: Check on it by Beyonce. Basically anything Beyonce is overplayed on my iPod.
Plan ahead OR procrastinate? Plan ahead, I depend on my planner for my sanity! I love finishing my homework or projects early so I have more time to relax and do fun things instead of stressing right up to the deadline.
Paper OR plastic? Plastic.
Glass half-full OR glass half-empty? Half-full. Though I have to admit I do often think of the negative side of things, I always try to remind myself that everything happens for a reason and something good will come out of every bad situation.
Introvert OR extrovert? Extrovert… usually. I always love meeting new people and I’m usually pretty loud and out there. But I also need some “Anna time” to “bond with myself” occasionally as well.
Cats OR Dogs? Both? Though I’m allergic to cats and some types of dogs. I can still love from afar right?
Morning person OR night person? Night! I have to force myself out of bed daily and can rarely function without coffee, but when 12:00 am rolls around all of a sudden I can’t get myself to calm down and go to bed.
If you were stranded on a deserted island, what three things would you absolutely need for survival? My laptop and wi-fi to watch netflix, and a water filter.
What would we find in your refrigerator right now? Coffee creamer, water, Greek yogurt, apples, caramel apple dip, and one diet coke.
What is the one thing you wish someone had told you about college life that you had to find out on your own? You shouldn’t eat so many cookies.
Sum yourself up in three words. Vivacious, unconventional, and independent.
What do you want to be when you grow up and why? When I grow up I want to be happy. No matter what my job is, whether I’m married with children or single living in a big city, I just want to be happy with my life. I hope that when I make decisions in the future I keep in mind that money or fame is not important as long as I love what I’m doing and who I surround myself with.
Describe your single-most favorite moment from your Distinguished Young Women experience. My single-most favorite part about my Distinguished Young Women journey was not a moment, but all of the kind-hearted, genuine people I met through the organization. There is no doubt in my mind that my host families at states and nationals are some of the most generous, caring people to ever walk the face of the Earth. They not only opened their homes to me, but showered me in the love and support I needed to get through the tough rehearsals and stress of competition. Even now, months after leaving their homes, I constantly get kind words from the Liphams, and the Barbers keep inviting me back to their home if I ever need a place to stay or a non-dorm meal in Ann Arbor.
Though we only spent two weeks together in Mobile, I made so many amazing friendships from attending nationals in Alabama. In that short amount of time, I got so close to my roommates, Alexis and Isha, that it felt like I had two new sisters I could share anything with. Since nationals, I have kept in touch with so many of the girls I was fortunate enough to meet. I still text my roommates, talk to my host family, and communicate with many of the people I met at the local, state, and national programs. Katie from Arizona and I still Skype almost every week to catch each other up on our lives and just to laugh and reminisce about our experience at nationals. I’m pretty sure I complain about having a best friend from across the country to my friends way more than they’d like to hear. Not many people can say they have a friend from every state, but I know that each and every one of those girls from Distinguished Young Women will be there for me if I’m ever in need of a shoulder to cry on or an encouraging message.

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