Get to Know Allii Fontaine - Distinguished Young Woman of Rhode Island for 2011

Alli FontaineName: Allii Fontaine
Age: 18
Hometown: Burrillville, Rhode Island
College: Elmira College, Elmira New York
Major: Nursing, Pediatric Tract 
Favorite TV show: Anything on ABC Family 
Favorite movie: Cartoon – Finding Nemo; Non Cartoon – Mighty Ducks Series
Favorite Olympic sport: Figure Skating, solo and duet
Current #1 most played song on your iPod: When Will My Life Begin- Tangled, Mandy Moore
Favorite quote: “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” –Eleanor Roosevelt
Plan ahead OR procrastinate: I tend to procrastinate because I work best under pressure. Although, I do not recommend it, it does work extremely well for me 
Paper OR plastic: I prefer paper because plastic can sometimes take years to break down, or emit harmful chemicals if burned. Paper products can easily be made into other products and be burned for fires to warm homes, or create a little ambiance
Glass half-full OR glass half-empty: Glass half full! Heck, as long as the glass has something in it, it means we’re getting somewhere! But I try to always be positive!
Introvert OR extrovert: Definitely extrovert, but in the most positive meaning of the word. I like to be sociable and involved. I enjoy making new friends and being positive with everyone I meet.
Cats OR Dogs: Fish actually. I enjoy watching them swim because when I was little I used to wish I were a mermaid  But if I had to choose, I’d say dogs because they are so much more personable.
Morning person OR night person: I am definitely a night owl. I could sleep all day and stay up all night. Sometimes I do  I just enjoy the different things that happen at night. There are so many different sounds and animals. And it is just so much more peaceful.
If you could be any color crayon, what would you be and why? Well…all of my friends could probably answer this for me. I would be purple. I have loved purple since I knew what the color was. Growing up, pink was always the color associated with girls; bathroom stall colors, dresses, bedrooms, everything was pink. I always saw and still see myself as a unique girl who likes to do her own thing. I decided at a very young age that purple was my way of straying from the pink trend. Ever since then, I’ve loved purple…I even go to Elmira College, the PURPLE bubble
What would I find in your refrigerator right now (if you have one)? Lots of water and a micro bead potpourri eye thing that helps me sleep.
If you could trade places with any other person for a week, famous or not famous, living or dead, real or fictional. with whom would it be? I would trade places with Queen Elizabeth I. She is perhaps my most favorite heroine to study. She ruled a country all on her own without the assistance of a King. She knew that if she were to marry, she would lose her power. She was one of the first females to really prove that a woman could successfully rule a country on her own. Flirtation Diplomacy turned her empire from one country to many.
Sum yourself up in three words: Funny, Bubbly, Loud (but only in the most awesome way)
What do you want to be when you grow up and why? I want to become a pediatric nurse. I have always loved helping kids. When I was younger, I played “house” like it was my job. Even in high school, I was the “mom” of my friends. I watched Patch Adams everyday for a week and fell in love with the idea of laughter as the best medicine. I want to help terminally ill children make it through knowing that they are loved and that laughter really can be the best remedy.
Describe your single-most favorite moment from your Distinguished Young Women experience. I remember winning the program in my home state of Rhode Island and thinking “What did I just get myself into?” I had no idea what people were going to think of me when I got down to Mobile, Alabama. I was seriously scared that no one from the other states was going to like me. I mean, I had best friends that really understood me in Rhode Island. Maybe someone from Missouri or Arizona wouldn’t think I was funny. Well golly gee, was I wrong! I got off that plane on June 12th, 2011 in the Mobile, Alabama Airport and found out that every single girl was just like me. We all had our unique twists, but every single one of us was there with the same goal, to find 49 new friends and join the best sisterhood in the world. I met almost every girl at the airport that day and found out that I had nothing to be scared of. I made so many girls laugh and other girls made me giggle as well. Perhaps the most amazing thing was, however, that I cried at the end of those two weeks. I cried so hard that I was terrified to leave the next morning for home. I had only known these girls for two weeks and yet I felt like I was never going to see them again. But the absolute best and favorite thing about Distinguished Young Women is that I was wrong…I do get to see them again! The best thing is that my favorite moments are probably not over yet…because I have another week to spend with these girls…Has-Beens…HERE WE COME!

  • Distinguished Young Women of Rhode Island

    24th Jan 2012 at 19:14

    Allii Fontaine is such a remarkable person! She is playing such a huge role in her state program this year! She is involved, motivated, and never afraid to take initiative! We are so thankful that Allii came to Distinguished Young Women and are so thrilled that she wants to remain involved in our program! We love you, Miss Allii!!

    – Your RI committee!

  • amanda leigh

    24th Jan 2012 at 22:04

    This is general blog feedback, not for Allii specifically – just as I believe the program needs to stop referring to its participants and representatives as “girls,” I think we should steer away from language like “when you grow up” – it is diminutive. This is how you phrase the question when you are asking children. These are young women, all grown up already.

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