Dump the Slump

clairecoderjanblogBy Claire Coder

Distinguished Young Woman of Ohio for 2015
Four laps around a standard track equates to a mile.

Four quarters in a school year equates to one step closer.

For me, as a runner and a student, that third lap is a killer. The first lap is easy peasy; the school teachers are just gearing up and at this point you are still able to breathe normally. The second lap rolls around and, before you know it, you are halfway there. But when that third quarter hits, you are caught in a black abyss of exhaustion, heavy breathing, sleep deprivation, and AP, IB and Midterm tests are right around the corner.

I find myself caught in that third quarter right now. School is daunting and we are already itching for summer. The midwest Ohio weather sends me into an athletic slump because of the snowy and icy conditions (and my lack of a gym membership.)

But there are ways to productively advance towards the quarter. Here are some tried and true methods that can keep you going towards your destination.

  1. Send yourself an artistic card from Little City Love. (littlecitylove.com)



  1. Teach yourself a new skill. I tried hand-lettering. With more research, I have learned that people actually make a career out of skills like this. Or you can just make your planner look absolutelty flawless.



  1. Sign up for free as an “explorer” on Turtlewise to receive advice from experienced people. Basically, have everyone else solve all your problems. (turtlewise.net)


4. Follow someone new on Instagrom. Maybe it is for inspiration, humor, or sophistication. You do you. #justdoit



  1. Go to a StartUp weekend in your city. I can personally vouch that StartUp weekend changed my life. Now I am launching another business… more info to come! (startupweekend.org)



Claire Coder is a college freshman at The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio. Originally from Toledo, Ohio, Claire was a participant in the Distinguished Young Women program and was selected as the Distinguished Young Woman of Ohio for 2015. Learn more about Claire here!


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