Distinguished Ways to Study

By Astha Berry
Distinguished Young Woman of Wisconsin for 2014
Why are you reading this? Are you procrastinating? Avoiding that final project? Trying to ignore the fact that your exams are just around the corner? Since Finals are coming up (or currently going on), studying might seem like a daunting task. However, never fear!


Try these Distinguished Ways to Study:


    • Turn it into a game – when I was studying for my Calculus final my friend and I made up a game where every time I got a problem wrong I had to try something that I don’t normally enjoy – like doing a push-up or a sit up or eating a prune. All of these things are good for you, and it’s a great excuse to do them. Plus, it helps cover another aspect of Be Your Best Self – being healthy! Then, when I got problems right, I could reward myself. I would listen to a song or eat some chocolate to distress.


    • Make a story – if you have to memorize a lot of facts, it’s more fun and easier to remember if you try to make a story.


    • Otherwise, you could try turning it into a song. You already have that catchy tune stuck in your head anyway, why not make it conducive to your learning?


    • Destress with breaks – if you’re with a group of friends take a five minute break for a massage train. I guarantee that you’ll find yourself more relaxed (or in a fit of laughter if you don’t really know what to do). Either way, you’ll feel better before going back to hitting those books.


    • Find new places to study – I like to move around from the library to the atrium to my room to an empty classroom to a secret passageway. Okay, maybe not the last one – but if you go looking for a wonderful study space it can turn into an adventure.


    • Color Code Everything – if you use new stationary, draw pictures, and color code your notes, you might find that your notes look that much more appealing. You might even be excited to open up your notebook and go through loads of information.


  • Break it up into chunks – take your flashcards with you on car rides or while you are waiting for laundry to finish. During those little chunks of time, you might be surprised how much you can get done.
Best of Luck with your Finals! I’m sure that y’all will do amazing and as always, stay distinguished.






Astha Berry is a college freshman at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland majoring in Neuroscience and Writing Seminars. Originally from Franklin, Wisconsin, Astha was a participant in the Distinguished Young Women program and was selected as the Distinguished Young Woman of Wisconsin for 2014. Learn more about Astha here!

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