By Lauren Hoppa
Distinguished Young Woman of Colorado for 2012

 “The hardest thing in life to learn is what bridge to cross and which bridge to burn” 

– David Russell

    When it comes time to make a decision about anything, I sit there and ponder far too much about what choice to choose. Over the past year, I have experienced many types of decisions such as what college to attend, what to major in and even just small everyday decisions. However, through it all, I have learned a great deal about the importance of all of these decisions.
    I think the reason we fear decision-making is the uncertainty of what may happen if we make the wrong one. We second-guess, we doubt, we may start to loose faith in ourselves at times. It seems that the whole world weighs on a single choice. Some say that choosing which college to attend is the most difficult. Our minds are flooded by outsiders saying that our college education determines our job, our income, our life. Such heavy weighing matters that can put so much pressure on just this single decision.
    However, what I have failed to realize in the past, but now recognize, is that even though we may close one door, we are just walking through a new one. And once we are through that door, there is a whole new set of doors to conquer. See the thing is, that even though we may be unsure if we choose the right door, there is no telling what may lie down the hall. Isn’t that what we are trying to do in life anyways? Find our OWN journey. Sometimes we may be scared of what may come. But just have faith and trust in yourself. As long as you have an open mind, a clear heart, and body filled with determination, you can truly make the wisest of choices and journeys. If something doesn’t work out the way you originally planned it, have the drive to try a new door. Maybe that will be the one for you.

Lauren Hoppa is a college freshman at Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, Oklahoma majoring in Athletic Training. Originally from Parker, Colorado, Lauren was a participant in the Distinguished Young Women program and was selected as the Distinguished Young Woman of Colorado for 2012. Learn more about Lauren here!


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