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By Claire Coder
Distinguished Young Woman of Ohio for 2015

Claire Coder_Blog Post 1_Photo 2I wonder: Why aren’t the Hippos Hungry? Where is the Ladder to every Chute? Why isn’t there Candy is in this Land?

Board games are becoming obsolete, and it is a tragedy. The fact of the matter is, board games have been deemed as “boring.” Simply because “board” and “bored” are inconveniently homophones, does not mean that they both can accurately describe games that are played on a table.

Claire Coder_Blog Post 1_Photo 1Thankfully, Kingmakers*, a Columbus based game parlour, has recognized that sanctity of board games. In effort to revitalize the importance of the games, they have created an atmosphere for young adults to gather around a table, share laughs, and compete. I have recently attended Kingmakers and the experience forced me to reflect on the undervalued, value of board games.

  1. Patience: When you open a box of an unfamiliar game, you may be unlocking your destiny for the next four hours. In a world where everything is instant, the value and practice of patience is often overshadowed. Board games reinstill this valuable skill.
  2. Directions: When you open a box, colored chips can mean anything without clear guidance. You are forced to read and follow directions for a successful game. So often, we throw out the directions and just go for it, sometimes it works, but spending a few more minutes just reading can help exponentially.
  3. Taking Turns: Such a simple concept, but heavily revered and often not in practice. Even when communicating, we must take turns to speak.
  4. Focus: Even when it is not your turn, you are forced to pay attention. Your opponent’s move directly affects you. Carry this valuable realization into your life and you will soon realize the severity of the nature of “cause and effect.”
  5. Human Connection: Spending our lives behind a screen greatly affects our human interaction. When you are fully committed to a game of Pictionary, you are forced to connect with individuals on a much greater level than a text message exchange.
  6. Wholesome Fun: Although going to play board games may not sound appealing to the average college student, nights like these are underrated. You will never have to worry about not remembering what happened last night if you went to a game parlour. The memories will be strong and the laughter will be loud.

So are you ready for next Saturday’s board game party? Check out these tried and true games.

Claire Coder_Blog Post 1_Collage 1

Ticket to Ride: Rather lengthy, but if strategy is your thing, then this game is for you.

Say Anything:
My personal favorite for hearing what people actually think of me. Caution: This game can get very honest, very fast.

Exploding Kittens:
Regardless of if you are a cat lover, or want all cats to explode, this exciting card game is for you.

Quoridor: Shorter, but extremely mentally engaging. Comparable to the intricacy of chess.

Platinum Series Baseball:
For the TRUE MLB fan and board game fanatic. **

Pretty Pretty Princess: We cannot neglect to acknowledge this beautiful classic. Great game for all ages and genders.

**Platinum Series Baseball:

Claire Coder is a college freshman at The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio. Originally from Toledo, Ohio, Claire was a participant in the Distinguished Young Women program and was selected as the Distinguished Young Woman of Ohio for 2015. Learn more about Claire here!

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