Annual Giving

Annual donors and alumnae giving play a vital role in the success of Distinguished Young Women. With these donations, we are able to provide scholarships and opportunities to thousands of young women across the nation each year.

*Year following name denotes Alumnae

Updated June 15, 2019


Club 100Club 100
Alumnae who invest $1,000 or more. Our goal is to find 100 members.
Tim & Shigeko Bork
in honor of their daughter Skye, 2017
Andrea Plummer Guardenier, 1996
Alex Grady, 2014
Marsha Grady, 1982
Ashley Halfman Hopp, 1993
Kendra Haskins, 1991
in memory of Bruce Triftshauser
Lisa Lawley Burnette, 1987
Nicole Orr, 1991
Aimee E. Parker, O.D., 1999 Amanda (Biles) Reeves, 1995
in honor of the Class of 1995
Pamela & Victor Renard
in honor of their daughter Nicole, 2013
Pauline Ryan, 1984
in memory of Joan Bruno, former
New Jersey State Chairman

Maureen Sullivan Collins, 1960
Director's CircleDirector's Circle
Michon Trent
Jessica Barrick
Rena’ Davis
Dr. and Mrs. Larry J. Gessner
in honor of Lauren Gessner Walker,
Ohio 2008
Kathy Reed, 1973
Lynn Uehara, 1983
Dee Ann Allen, 1969 Francisco Codina
Mari Clifton, 2018
Amy E. Goodman, 1991
Becky Jo Peterson, 1972
Lisa Mitchell Charitable
National Christian Foundation Roberta Nedry, 1978
Northop Grumman Innovation
Julia Triftshauser
in memory of Bruce Triftshauser
Namita Arora
Valerie Austin
Judy D. Burns
Casey Stephens Chudy, 1999
Jane Evans
Kim H. Hennig, 1975
Amber Mark
Susan McConnell
Geri McGonegle
Mara Myers
Makeda Nichols
Edward Reeves
in honor of Elizabeth Hughston
Jillene Szostak, 1996
Chris Vosseler Tompane, 1974
Less than $100
Jacky Arness, 2011 Rowena Blaisdell, 1962 Caitlyn Burchfield, 2017 Thomas Busch
Ronica Cleary, 2001 Vivian de Almeida, 2016 Alissa Dorman
John Faggard
Angela Frank, 1989
and in honor of her daughter, 2013
Lindsay Gragasin
Laura Holmstrom
Elsie Jean Hughes
in honor of Jessica Barrick
Tracy Lane, 1982
Marie Lamberg, 1973 Lisa Lesjak
Karen Miller, 1971 Katelynn Rei, 2006
Amy Riel, 2001
Maggie Rowell, 2017 Brandi Shepard, 1999 Katrina Strikis, 2003 Mary Hall Surface, 1976 Robin Walker
Class GiftsCLASS OF 1995
In memory of Kiersten Reichenbach Cerveny, NJ & AJM
Joy Blanchard, LA
Jodi Hartman, GA
Dr. Irene Klein Louh, IL Angela Massey Balter, FL
Jennifer Riley, NH
Nicole Swartzentruber, IN

Nicole Lusk, MD
Maire Nakada, AK & DYW
Martha Bennett, NC Kyla Hull, VA
Mallory Nielson, DE Alexis Openshaw, WV Lily Webb, ME

Neha Arora, MS
Kendyl Druffel, WA
Amy Wang, KY

Aaryan Morrison, IN & DYW
Melanie Taylor, MI
Valerie Trapp, FL
Grandparents ClubElizabeth Austill Harris
Carolyn Bennett
Linda Burke
Judy Campbell
Sarah Damson
Skeeter Diehl
Diane Dyas
Mary Ann Fesenmeier
Terri & Paul Gray
Yvonne Holladay
Cindy & Jeff Larry
Gail M. Leacy
Leslie Lerner
Courtney McGowin
Mary B. Mostellar
Mrs. John B. Saint
Jacqueline Williams


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