4 Ways to Beat the Dining Hall Blues

Students dine Wednesday noon time at The Gallery cafeteria inside Snyder-Phillips Hall. Students are concerned about the crowdedness of campus cafeterias, especially during high traffic hours of the day. Justin Wan/The State News

By Madi Beumee
Distinguished Young Woman of New Jersey for 2015

As the rush of the second semester is in full swing, dining hall food can start to feel repetitive and boring. Beat the dining hall blues with these four recipes, made with ingredients commonly found in the dining hall!

1. Quinoa Bowl:
Quinoa is a delicious rice alternative that can be combined with almost anything, therefore making it incredibly versatile and delicious! Throw some quinoa in a bowl and top it with whatever you’d like. My personal favorite includes: quinoa, tree nuts, feta cheese, and olive oil!

2. Burrito Bowl:
Skip Chipotle and create your own! Start with lettuce and add your favorite combination of beans, cheese, sour cream, guacamole, and other ingredients to emulate the Mexican dish for lunch or dinner.

3. Hummus toast:
Take a piece of toast and spread hummus on it. Top it with a fried/poached egg and any other toppings you deem necessary. Perfect for breakfast or an afternoon snack!

4. Peanut butter, chocolate apples:
This is one of my favorite “desserts”. Combine peanut butter with chocolate chips (normally found in the toppings section of the ice cream bar), and eat the combination with an apple! The perfect balance of healthy and delicious!
Madi Beumee is a college freshman at Syracuse University in Syracuse, New York. Originally from Denville, New Jersey, Madi was a participant in the Distinguished Young Women program and was selected as the Distinguished Young Woman of New Jersey for 2015. Learn more about Madi here!

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