4.24 - 4.28 | National Be Your Best Self Week

National BYBS Week – April 25-29, 2016

16BYBSDistinguished Young Women is excited to present the eighth annual National Be Your Best Self Week, a nationwide outreach effort by program participants to spread the Be Your Best Self message to as many young people as possible during one week each year. Distinguished Young Women participants at all levels (local, state and national) will visit groups of children in their communities to share the Be Your Best Self program and encourage young people to commit to being their best selves by signing Be Your Best Self pledge cards.


5 Elements of the Be Your Best Self Program

  • Be Healthy – Be physically fit and drug free.
  • Be Involved – Serve your community.
  • Be Studious – Stay in school.
  • Be Ambitious – Set and achieve goals.
  • Be Responsible – Live by moral and ethical principles.


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