19 Things...

by Kyla Hull

19 Things That Make Life a Little Brighter

4.17 BlogEver since I was a little girl, I’ve always been upbeat, bubbly, optimistic, and positive! People constantly ask me how I do it, and although much of it comes naturally, there are a few things I enjoy doing that make my days even sweeter! So in honor of turning 19, I’d like to share with you 19 things that I think make life a little brighter!

  1. Reading a Bible devotional each morning
  2. Snuggling up with a new book
  3. Making canvas paintings
  4. Getting coffee or tea with friends
  5. Having movie and game nights with my favorite people
  6. Painting my nails every Sunday night before the start of my week
  7. Planning my days in my colorful Lilly Pulitzer agenda
  8. Pen-paling via snail mail with friends
  9. Surprising people with random acts of thoughtfulness and kindness
  10. Having dance parties to my favorite songs
  11. Spending time outside in the sun
  12. Going to art museums
  13. Giving and receiving hugs from those I love
  14. Playing with cute puppies
  15. Giving back to the world through community service
  16. Mentoring children to help them become the best version of themselves
  17. Eating apples picked fresh from the orchard
  18. Practicing hot yoga
  19. Helping other people realize how incredibly beautiful, amazing, and blessing-filled life is

My hope is that this list will inspire you to recognize the light that already exists in your life! And if the light isn’t bright enough for you, then it will give you ways to help make it overwhelmingly brilliant!

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