10 Things I Learned During the First 3 Months of College

by Kyla HullKyla Hull

  1. Selecting a random roommate isn’t always a recipe for disaster.

Actually it can be pretty amazing, which is what happened in my case! My mom actually had to do my housing for me because ironically, I was in Mobile during my selection period. I met my roomie for the first time on move in day, and had absolutely no idea whether we were going to get along like two peas in a pod, or clash like oil and water. Luckily, the former was the case! We matched our bedding and decorations without even planning it, and bonded over late night talks on the porch and taking chocolate chip cookie breaks from homework! The risk was worth the reward in my case!

2. I actually enjoy waking up at 7:00AM every morning!

That’s right, you heard me correctly! Knowing that each morning when my alarm goes off, I’m getting to spend another day doing what I love (dancing of course, since I’m a dance major) makes waking up so easy! I couldn’t be more grateful to attend a school with such an amazing program that is helping me to achieve my dreams! Carpe Diem!

3. Public transportation isn’t that hard to use.

Okay, so after you get on the wrong bus a few times, stay on the metro past its last stop, and take a couple of Uber rides because you don’t know quite how to get back to campus, you become a connoisseur of navigation! It really isn’t as scary as it seems, and usually turns into some type of amazing, memorable adventure for me and my friends!

4. These boots were made for walking…in the rain!

If you don’t have a nice pair of rain boots, or galoshes as I call them, you need to invest in a pair! I walk EVERYWHERE on campus and when it rains, it pours! Having my trusty chevron patterned rain boots and monogramed rain jacket has been such a blessing with the crazy Virginia weather! I also suggest having a good pair of walking shoes like my beloved Nikes, which I wear to class every day!

5. Get involved!!!

There are so many ways to get involved on campus, so DO IT! I’m a member of the Patriot Platoon, which is the student section that supports our awesome sports teams on campus, as well as a member of an organization called Movement Exchange, which is brings the gift of dance to less fortunate children in the community, as well as all over the world. We teach dance to kids in different afterschool programs and boys and girls clubs through the community, and this summer we will be traveling to Panama to teach dance to the children in orphanages there. I am so excited for this opportunity to pass this gift on to those that need it most!

6. Putting yourself out there is worth it!

This is so crucial during the first few weeks of school because if you’re like me and choose to attend a school where you know virtually no one, you have to make new friends! I went to as many social events as possible, from dance parties to luaus and everything in between! In addition, I would strike up conversations with people in my academic classes and hang out with other dance majors during our limited free time. I would even go up to random people in the dining halls and ask if I could sit with them! As a result of all these actions, I ended up creating some amazing friendships with people on campus! I usually can’t walk anywhere without seeing at least one familiar, smiling face!

7. If your campus has an art gallery, you should go.

Seriously. We took a trip to the on campus art gallery one day during my improv dance class for a site specific improvisation and I was absolutely blown away. The exhibit was by Emilie Brzezinski and it was one of the most breathtaking things I have ever seen. We walked in under a great archway made of trees dusted in pastel shades of pink, blue, and yellow and it was as if we were wandering into a haven where woodland fairies would play. Not only did we get to observe the artwork, but dance on, around, and with it as well! So don’t miss out, your campus probably has one and they replace the exhibits every few months!

8. You don’t have to go out to have fun!

Shocker right?! Everyone seems to think that you have to go out to have fun in college, but that’s not true! Some of the best nights I’ve had so far have come from sitting in someone’s room, laughing ridiculously loud while playing cards games, or dancing around campus with ice cream sandwiches in hand! Good, genuine company is all you need my loves!

9. When you get sick, your friends will take care of you.

Everyone dreads the first time that they get sick away from home and their momma isn’t there to take care of them and nurse them back to health. But have no fear, that’s what friends are for! When I got sick, my besties brought me warm mac and cheese from Panera, a chocolate chip cookie, and hot tea with lemon and lots of honey. It was the sweetest thing ever and not only did it help make me feel physically better, but it made my soul smile as well!

10. Be spontaneous.

Instead of having a night you won’t remember the next day, make memories that will last a lifetime and that you’ll want to tell your children about one day. One of my favorite memories that I’ve made thus far is when my friends and I randomly decided to go down to the waterfront at George Town one night and we danced to the music of the passing boats under the moon and stars! It was an incredible night that I won’t ever forget!


I hope you enjoyed hearing about 10 things I learned in the first 3 months of college!


XOXO, Kyla

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